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The exception-handling features of C# will be familiar to the Java programmer; the exceptionhandling syntax is predominantly the same, although the languages differ significantly in their exception declaration requirements.
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Comments .NET provides overloads that take a larger range of parameter types. Returns the hyperbolic cosine of the specified angle. .NET provides an overloaded Log method that allows the base of the logarithm to be specified. Log10() A convenience method for getting the base 10 logarithm of a number. N/A See the next section, "Random Numbers." Round() The .NET Round method is more like Java rint than round. It returns a floating-point representation of the rounded number as opposed to an integer value. .NET provides an overloaded Round method that supports rounding to a specified precision. Sign() Returns a value indicating the sign of the specified number. Sinh() Returns the hyperbolic sine of the specified angle. Tanh() Returns the hyperbolic tangent of the specified angle.
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Note After you have created a delegation through the DNS console, a glue record appears automatically in the zone data. However, this record is hidden from view in the DNS console.
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When you ve made changes to a form, you can preview the form to verify that the layout, fields, and labels are correct before publishing your changes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the following types of form previews:
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The default is to not automatically participate in the CEIP. When you choose to participate, no personal or organizationally identi able information is sent to Microsoft. None. But they do gather information about your hardware and the Server Roles installed on the server, and if you include details about your organization s servers, workstations, and industry, that information is linked to the collected data. Personally, we choose to send it. Make your selections, click OK, and then click Close to return to the ICT Wizard.
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This is the time (as a DateTime object) at which the object should be removed from the cache. This is absolute and therefore does not take into consideration whether the item has been recently accessed by a user. If you do not wish to use absolute expiration, you can set this property to System.Web .Caching.Cache.NoAbsoluteExpiration.
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Oracle supports some additions that you can use in conversion function format strings to further refine the results of those functions. Table 5-13 shows these additions. Table 5-13. Conversion Functions: Format Component Additions
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Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-38
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2. 3.
Analyzing Execution Plans
Destination IP address Destination subnet mask Protocol Any
Exercise: Displaying Department Details
Part I Fundamentals
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