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As usual, I ll answer this question by going from right to left in the workbook .
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Collect Data
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The settings in this configuration path apply to HTTP and HTTPS requests, and can also be configured to apply to WebDAV requests. These settings include:
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Microsoft Support for VPNs
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Table 4-19. Row Numbers in Order of qty
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You work for a U.S.-based ISP that is using MADCAP (on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 DHCP server) to specify public multicast addresses for use on the Internet. You have obtained an Autonomous System (AS) number and registered it with the IANA. Which one of the following configurations represents a valid scope and subnet mask A. AS number: Start address: End address: Subnet mask: B. AS number: Start address: End address: Subnet mask: C. AS number: Start address: End address: Subnet mask: D. AS number: Start address: End address: Subnet mask: 8069 8069 8069 8069
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Setting the Window Size and Position Visually
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Description Allows storing values for anonymous users. False by default. Indicates the default value of the property. Name of the property. Name of the provider to use to read and write the property. Specifies whether the property value is read-only. False by default. Indicates how to serialize the value of the property. Possible values are Xml, Binary, String, and ProviderSpecific. The type of property. It is a string object by default.
These management features are accessible through the IP Routing node of the Routing And Remote Access console. When you select the General node within the IP Routing node, the interfaces configured for your server appear in the details pane. Rightclicking a demand-dial interface reveals various demand-dial management and troubleshooting commands, as shown in Figure 9-24.
Logical Query Processing
must be copied into the value type variable, p, which is on the thread s stack. The CLR accomplishes this copying in two steps. First the address of the Point fields in the boxed Point object is obtained. This process is called unboxing. Then the values of these fields are copied from the heap to the stack base value type instance. Unboxing is not the exact opposite of boxing. The unboxing operation is much less costly than boxing. Unboxing is really just the operation of obtaining a pointer to the raw value type (data fields) contained within an object. So, unlike boxing, unboxing doesn t involve the copying of any bytes in memory. However, an unboxing operation is typically followed by copying the fields, making these two operations the exact opposite of a boxing operation. Obviously, boxing and unbox/copy operations hurt your application s performance in terms of both speed and memory, so you should be aware of when the compiler generates code to perform these operations automatically and try to write code that minimizes this code generation. Internally, here s exactly what happens when a reference type is unboxed: 1. If the reference is null, a NullReferenceException is thrown. 2. If the reference doesn t refer to an object that is a boxed value of the desired value type, an InvalidCastException exception is thrown. 3. A pointer to the value type contained inside the object is returned. The value type that this pointer refers to doesn t know anything about the usual overhead associated with a true object: a method table pointer and a SyncBlockIndex. In effect, the pointer refers to the unboxed portion in the boxed object. The second item means that the following code will not work as you might expect:
IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.MyOrderValues', 'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.MyOrderValues;
8 Methods
Stress testing
19. General Control Issues
Note If you need to sort siblings by a single integer sort column (for example, by empid), you can construct the binary sort path from the sort column values themselves instead of row numbers based on that column.
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