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This is the code for just one kind of message. Each of the other 19 kinds of messages would require similar code. And if a 21st kind of message was added, either a 21st routine or a 21st subclass would need to be added either way a new message type would require the code to be changed.
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To choose an Internet connection method, you must balance an organization s bandwidth needs and budget against the available Internet connection methods. The following sections discuss how to do this, as well as how to choose an Internet service provider (ISP).
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Select the accounts you want to use folder redirection on and then click OK to redirect the accounts. Click Close at the success message to return to the Windows SBS Console.
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Fetching and Parsing the Data
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Listing 6 6 also shows a key change to the QuakeListModel s notion of its roles; for each named QML role, such as title, we need to provide the corresponding Qt::Role enumeration value. The QML context uses these when resolving the attributes referenced in specific list items while drawing the delegate for the list view. We do this when we construct the model by creating a QHash that links the QML attribute names to the Qt::Role enumeration values. Next, the worker thread needs to update the model s status property throughout the HTTP transaction; for example, the beginning of the fetch method needs to look like this:
class HttpContext { public static HttpContext Current {...}; public HttpRequest Request {...}; public HttpResponse Response {...};
Command Open Undo Redo Save Print Close the Active Window Bold Italic Underline Align Right Font dialog box Shortcut Ctrl+E Ctrl+C Ctrl+X Ctrl+V Ctrl+F Ctrl+H Ctrl+A F7 Shift+F7 Ctrl+Shift+S Command Align Center Copy Cut Paste Find Replace Select the Entire Document Start the Spell Checker Display the Thesaurus Style dialog box
The PostLogRequest event is raised after the logging
Appendix E
Note The signatures of the WaitCallback delegate, the TimerCallback delegate (discussed
14 Spatial Data
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