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The great news in SQL Server 2005 is that it supports any CLR types. In addition to default types, you can store into and retrieve from SQL Server tables any object that is a valid .NET type. This includes both system types such as a Point and user-defined classes. This extended set of capabilities is reflected in the ADO.NET 2.0 provider for SQL Server. CLR types appear as objects to the data reader, and parameters to commands can be instances of CLR types. The following code snippet demonstrates how to retrieve a value from the MyCustomers table that corresponds to an instance of user-defined MyCustomer class:
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Table 4-15. Other Modifiers
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The most common attack is to crack the password. By crack in this case, we generally mean that the attacker creates a password hash or a challenge-response sequence based on some trial password and compares it to the hash or response that he captured. If the test succeeds, the trial password is the right password. As you have seen earlier in this chapter, several additional computations are involved in computing a challenge-response sequence as opposed to computing a straight hash. It stands to reason, therefore, that cracking a captured challenge response sequence takes significantly longer than simply cracking a password hash. On commonly available hardware today you could compute anywhere from 3 million to 10 million hashes per second, while you could compute only a third as many challenge-response pairs. If the bad guy only has the password verifier, he will be able to compute only 10 per second, rendering them effectively uncrackable unless the password is exceptionally weak. Several approaches to cracking passwords speed up the process. An attacker can try with a dictionary of common words, or common passwords (Burnett, 2005). The attacker can also try a brute-force attack using all possible passwords of some given character set. For performance reasons, the attacker may choose to greatly trim the character set. My own research has shown that users pick 80 percent of the characters used in passwords from a set of only 32 characters. Finally, the attacker can try a hybrid approach, basing the test password on some dictionary with characters permuted. For example, the attacker may try common substitutions, such as using ! or 1 instead of i , @ instead of a or at , 3 instead of e and so on. Finally, to really speed up the attack at run-time, the attacker can spend some time up-front generating a list of hashes and then use a pre-computed hash attack.
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A number of changes to the MSBuild task have been made that might change the way you use the task. There are six new properties on the MSBuild task, which are outlined in Table A-2.
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Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
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When you need to insert a comment, use the WriteComment method. The syntax is straightforward, as shown here: writer.WriteComment("Do something here");
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down the Windows process including all of its AppDomains . Exit is the most graceful way of terminating a process because it first calls the Finalize methods of all of the objects on the managed heap and then releases all of the unmanaged COM objects held by the CLR . Finally, Exit calls the Win32 ExitProcess function .
Consider using container classes that you access sequentially sets, stacks, queues, and so on as alternatives before you automatically choose an array.
28. Managing Construction
4 Silverlight XAML Basics
Table Expressions
Lesson 1: Analyzing Traffic Using Network Monitor
Numbers and Expressions
Part III
Backup BitLocker Drive Encryption Failover Clustering (Enterprise and Datacenter Editions only) Multipath IO Network Load Balancing Removable Storage Management QWAVE Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications Telnet client Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
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