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FIGURE 6-11 Batching05.proj Task01 result
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Each favorite you create is saved as an internet shortcut in the Favorites folder within your user profile. You can edit these shortcuts the same way you would edit any other kind of shortcut. Right-click the item you want to edit (on the Favorites menu, in the Favorites Center, or in the Favorites folder) and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. Figure 6-9 shows the properties dialog box for a saved favorite.
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Figure 24-1 Small changes tend to be more error prone than larger changes (Weinberg 1983).
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Remote Access VPN Requirements and IPSecBased Implementations
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You can also define a data template as a resource. The following example shows the data template defined as a resource and applied to a content control via the Static Resource markup extension.
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The algorithms for the solutions that I have discussed so far, both set-based and cursor-based, had simple to moderate complexity levels . This section covers a class of problems that are algorithmically much more complex, known as matching problems . In a matching problem, you have a specific set of items of different values and volumes and one container of a given size, and you must find the subset of items with the greatest possible value that will fit into the container . I have yet to find reasonable set-based solutions that are nearly as good as cursor-based solutions, both in terms of performance and simplicity . I ll introduce a couple of simple variations of the problem . You re given the tables Events and Rooms, which you create and populate by running the following code:
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Creating an Appointment or Task
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Transaction costs will be significant because calculating summary statistical data and exporting survey results will require the application to read survey responses from storage.
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the thread is aborted (as discussed in 22) . Now the finally block is called, but its code should not exit the lock . The lockTaken variable solves this problem . It is initialized to false, which assumes that the lock has not been entered into . Then, if Monitor.Enter is called and successfully takes the lock, it sets lockTaken to true . The finally block examines lockTaken to know whether to call Monitor.Exit or not .4 By the way, the SpinLock structure also supports this lockTaken pattern .
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Tuning Advanced Server Options. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-43
agreements with Litware that had similar requirements. However, Fabrikam also wants to support smaller customers, such as Contoso, that do not have the infrastructure in place to support federated identity.
Once the application has been compiled, deleting the StringPrinter.dll file won't affect the execution of the program because a copy of the assembly has been installed in the GAC. (Before you try this, you'll need to reinstall StringPrinter.dll in the GAC if you've already uninstalled it.) Executing the program produces the following output:
Three Bedrock Tools of PowerPoint
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Figure 6-11 Example of assigning W32Time service permissions.
In the code tuning initiative I describe in the When to Tune Section, the program used an AppTime class that was derived from a commercially available BaseTime class. (These names have been changed to protect the guilty.) The AppTime object was the most common object in this application, and we instantiated tens of thousands of AppTime objects. After several months, we discovered that BaseTime was initializing itself to the system time in its constructor. For our purposes, the system time was irrelevant, which meant we were needlessly generating thousands of system-level calls. Simply overriding BaseTime s constructor and initializing the time field to 0 instead of to the system time gave us about as much performance improvement as all the other changes we made put together.
It is important to note that JavaScript is not new. It is also not really Java. It is a C-based scripting language invented by Netscape to add client scripting capabilities to a browser. It is now supported as part of every major browser on the market. The actual language is controlled and managed by a standards body, the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA). Because it is widely deployed and offers developers the ability to write code on the client, it has become increasingly popular. This has been especially true in recent years as features for communicating between the client script and server code via JSON and XML have become prevalent and controls were created to take advantage of these features.
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