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SELECT TOP (3) orderid, custid, orderdate FROM Sales.Orders ORDER BY custid, orderid;
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first one at [EBP+0x8] and each additional parameter above the first by four bytes. Since 0xC is four bytes above 0x8, my hypothesis as to why this function crashed is that the second parameter is NULL. (I hope these last two paragraphs have convinced you how important it is to know enough assembly language to read a Dr. Watson log!) Here's the second part of the thread state: the Stack Back Trace section. (Notice that I wrapped the function names so that everything would fit on the page. Also, the two underscores (__) in the symbol names is Dr. Watson's way of displaying the scope resolution operator (::).) *----> Stack Back Trace <----* ChildEBP RetAddr Args to Child WDBG!CWDBGProjDoc__HandleBreakpoint +0x34 0012fb0c 004075f1 00000a30 0164f8fc 01130b68 WDBG!CWDBGProjDoc__HandleExceptionEvent+0x6d 0012fb20 7c3422b2 00000a30 0164f8fc 0000000d WDBG!CDocNotifyWnd__HandleExceptionEvent+0x21 0012fc28 7c341b2e 00000502 00000a30 0164f8fc MFC71UD!CWnd__OnWndMsg+0x752 0012fc48 7c33f2f0 00000502 00000a30 0164f8fc MFC71UD!CWnd__WindowProc+0x2e 0012fcc0 7c33f7ce 01130b68 002502ca 00000502 MFC71UD!AfxCallWndProc+0xe0 0012fce0 7c3b072a 002502ca 00000502 00000a30 MFC71UD!AfxWndProc+0x9e 0012fd10 77d67ad7 002502ca 00000502 00000a30 MFC71UD!AfxWndProcBase+0x4a 0012fd3c 77d6ccd4 7c3b06e0 002502ca 00000502 USER32!SetWindowPlacement+0x57 0012fda4 77d445bd 00000000 7c3b06e0 002502ca USER32!DefRawInputProc+0x284 0012fdf8 77d447d4 00593330 00000502 00000a30 USER32!TranslateMessageEx+0x78d 0012fe20 77fb4da6 0012fe30 00000018 00593330 USER32!DefWindowProcA+0x209 0012fe64 7c34e8e1 00154af8 00000000 00000000 ntdll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher+0x13 0012fe90 7c34fb4c 00455e30 0012feb8 7c34f407 MFC71UD!AfxInternalPumpMessage+0x21 0012fe9c 7c34f407 00000001 00455e30 00154ac8 MFC71UD!CWinThread__PumpMessage+0xc 700 0012faf0 004100cd 00000a30 00000000 80000003
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Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click _textBoxValue = TextBoxProvider.Text End Sub End Class Sample of C# Code public partial class Provider : System.Web.UI.UserControl { string _textBoxValue = ""; [ConnectionProvider("TextBox provider", "GetTextBoxValue")] string GetTextBoxValue() { return _textBoxValue; } protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { _textBoxValue = TextBoxProvider.Text; } }
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Part IV
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C05620245.fm Page 154 Tuesday, June 8, 2004 6:39 PM
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Part II:
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VPN Deployment
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URL mapping is useful in all kinds of situations when you need to represent pages in a navigation control, even when there might not be a physical page to support it .
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I have shown the completely unsuccessful variants B and C above in order to illustrate another law of perception and its effect . In our culture, we read (and observe) from left to right and from top to bottom . Therefore, we also initially scan the image chart in this way . Consequently, for us, bars tend to run from left to right . Our brain finds it less acceptable if bars run in reverse, that is, from right to left . Stacked Bars This example is provided in the Bars 2 worksheet and in Figure 3-19:
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O11 =rL1.City01Sel
using System; public static class Program { public static void Main() { String s = "Hi there."; Console.WriteLine(s); } }
Values from primary records on which a workflow process has been triggered. Values from uniquely related records, including custom entities. Values from externally created workflow activities. Values from records created by the workflow process, such as follow-up tasks. Microsoft Dynamics CRM displays these under the Local Values group. Special workflow conditions, such as activity count and execution time.
master page.
Windows Server 2008 provides the ability to archive, or escrow, the private key associated with a user s encryption certificates if the CA is running on Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Edition, or Windows Server 2008, Datacenter Edition. An attacker could acquire any user s certificate and private key from the CA database if the attacker is both a local administrator and an existing Key Recovery Agent at the CA computer where the user s private key is archived. If the attacker gains access to the user s private key, the attacker can decrypt any information protected with the recovered certificate. In addition, if the certificate enables signing, the attacker can impersonate the user the user for digital signing operations. You can prevent this attack by separating certificate managers from key recovery agents. Doing this has the following result:
Setup and Configuration User Interface
Implementing Tracing
Lesson 2: Exploring Specialized Server Controls
C.customerid C.customerid C.city FRNDO FRNDO FRNDO FISSA FISSA O.orderid O.customerid FRNDO FRNDO NULL
Practice 5 Use a browser that supports cookies to go to an ASP.NET website that you created that uses forms authentication. Then disable cookies in the browser and attempt to go to the site. Change the cookieless attribute of the <forms> element to AutoDetect and test the website again. Practice 6 Create an ASP.NET website that uses Windows authentication. Then create several different groups and user accounts on the web server. Write code that examines the user s account and displays the user name and whether the user is a member of built-in groups such as Users and Administrators. Practice 7 Create an ASP.NET website that uses Windows authentication. Then create several different groups and user accounts on the web server. Experiment with NTFS file permissions and Web.config access rules to determine how ASP.NET behaves when one or both denies access to a user.
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