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Share Name C$, D$, E$, and so on
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Creating a sub-grid of opportunities on the Account form
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During a presentation, such a display (as an indirect interpretation) can quickly illustrate the fact that the Netherlands has the highest population density and that Luxembourg has the lowest . To ensure that the relatively small segment Luxembourg is sufficiently discernible, especially in relation to the number of inhabitants, a 3-D pie is chosen, which is then further strengthened by something known as a pie explosion . Note Quite a few of the sample charts in this chapter will reappear in later chapters where their technical development will be explained in greater detail . For example, in 8 Chart Types Conventional and Exceptional, you will learn how both of the Benelux charts shown here were created . You will also learn some tips and tricks in relation to creating a pie explosion .
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The final step is to define the naming container. Note that the preceding code actually used the naming container (AddressUcContainer) as if it were already defined. Recall that the naming container must inherit from Control and implement the INamingContainer interface. Property values passed from the user control to the naming container should be passed in the constructor. If you need to be able to set properties of the user control and have those property values reflected in the naming container, you must set the properties as an object reference. The following code shows an example of exposing the Address class through the naming container (this assumes a using or imports statement for System.Web.UI).
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <install type="module" version="1.5.0" client="administrator"> <name>Missing Metadata Items</name> <author>Dan Rahmel</author> <creationDate>July 2007</creationDate> <copyright>(C) 2007 Dan Rahmel. All rights reserved.</copyright> <authorEmail>admin@joomlajumpstart.org</authorEmail> <authorUrl>www.joomlajumpstart.org</authorUrl> <version>1.0.0</version> <description>Module to display any articles that have missing metadescription or metakeywords fields.</description> <files> <filename module="mod_missingmeta" >mod_missingmeta.php</filename> </files> </install>
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EXEC dbo.GetOrders;
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The following listing shows the pseudocode of ExecuteXmlReader. What happens under the lid of this method leads straight to the conclusion that the ability to execute a database command to XML can also be added to the OleDbCommand class as well as to the command classes in a number of other managed providers. We'll examine this concept in more detail in a moment. public XmlReader ExecuteXmlReader() { // Execute the command SqlDataReader datareader = ExecuteReader(); // Obtain the TDS stream for the command SqlStream tdsdata = new SqlStream(datareader); // Create the XML text reader 297
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There seems to be a great deal of confusion among beginning Joomla users as to the difference between the various types of extensions. Since there are three different types of extensions and their functionality can somewhat overlap, it is important to be clear about the range of capabilities and the limitations fundamental to each. Many Joomla packages use more than one type, which can lead to further confusion. For example, the Polling package uses a module to display the user interface while the associated component allows configuration and administration. Each extension entry on the Joomla web site extension directory displays the type or types of extension included in the package. Figure 7-1 shows two extension entries in the
Some services depend on other services in order to start. If a service is not starting, you should check to ensure that the services on which it depends are also started. When troubleshooting service failures, you should check the user name, password, and the Log On As a Service right. You can configure the recovery options to inform you when a service has failed to start.
Individual managed methods can override the default and catch these exceptions by applying the System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.HandleProcessCorruptedStateExceptionsAttribute to the method . In addition, the method must have the System.Security. SecurityCriticalAttribute applied to it . You can also override the default for an entire process by setting the legacyCorruptedStateExceptionPolicy element in the application s Extensible Markup Language (XML) configuration file to true . The CLR converts most of these to a System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException object except for EXCEPTION_ ACCESS_VIOLATION, which is converted to a System.AccessViolationException object, and EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW, which is converted to a System.StackOverflowException object .
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