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Build Data Matrix ECC200 in Windows

Model 2 (Presentation Variant)
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Part IV
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If this validator is attached to a property named Description, and the value of this property is invalid, the ValidationResults instance will contain the error message Description must be between 5 and 20 characters. Other validators use tokens that are appropriate for the type of validation they perform. The documentation installed with Enterprise Library lists the tokens for each of the Validation block validators. You will also see the range of tokens used in the examples that follow.
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Visual Studio pumps out code like the following in a file named MasterPage .master . Notice the ContentPlaceholder controls generated by Visual Studio .
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Creating a New Report
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Subjects, Users, and Other Actors
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Like anonymous types, once a Tuple is created, it is immutable (all properties are read-only) . I don t show it here, but the Tuple classes also offer CompareTo, Equals, GetHashCode, and ToString methods, as well as a Size property . In addition, all the Tuple types implement the IStructuralEquatable, IStructuralComparable, and IComparable interfaces so that you can compare two Tuple objects with each other to see how their fields compare with each other . Refer to the SDK documentation to learn more about these methods and interfaces . Here is an example of a method that uses a Tuple type to return two pieces of information back to a caller:
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1. A user on your local subnet (Subnet E) cannot connect to any network resources.
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CHAPTER 3: Working with the Nokia Qt SDK
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The Empty Set(s)
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Lesson 4, Practice, Exercise 3
At the top of this dialog box, you can choose to display rules, create a new rule, or edit (change) and delete existing rules . (You can also use other commands to clear rules; see Figure 7-41, right .) Each of the rows in the dialog box table provides essential information about the formats . You can change the reference in the Applies to column . If you double-click any part of a row entry, the Edit Formatting Rule dialog box opens, which is identical to the New Formatting Rule dialog box (see Figure 7-40) .
generics Infrastructure
The sys.dm_exec_connections view contains a binary handle that you can provide to the function sys.dm_exec_sql_text to get the code text of the last request . For example, to get the code text for sessions 53 and 54, issue the following query:
Add Files Choose this option if you want to be certain that you migrate a specific file from a specific location without also transferring other files in that folder. You can add an unlimited number of files to this list.
Windows Media Player skips when you play a CD
Table 4-5: Miscellaneous Writing Methods Method Description sequences in a text form comprised of the 65 US-ASCII characters [A-Za-z0-9+/=], where each character encodes 6 bits of the binary data.) You decrypt this text using the XmlReader class's ReadBase64 method. (These methods will be discussed in more detail in the section "Writing Encoded Data," on page 162.) Encodes the specified binary bytes as BinHex WriteBinHex and writes out the resulting text. (BinHex is an encoding scheme that converts binary data to ASCII characters.) You decrypt this text using the XmlReader class's ReadBinHex method. (These methods will be discussed in more detail in the section "Writing Encoded Data," on page 162.) WriteChars Writes a block of bytes as text to the XML stream. This method is useful when you have to write a lot of text and want to do it one chunk at a time. Copies everything from the specified reader to the writer, moving the XmlReader object to the end of the current element. This method is actually implemented in XmlWriter. (This method will be discussed in more detail in the section "A Read/Write XML Streaming Parser," on page 179.) Writes unencoded text either from a string or from a buffer of bytes as is. Can contain markup text that would be parsed as appropriate. Generates and writes the surrogate character entity for the surrogate character pair.
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