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have the same <id>. This can occur when the USGS provides updated information about a seismic event, such as after collecting more data and refining the estimate. Consequently, we must not only parse the XML <entry> items in the document, but also de-duplicate the data by ID, taking the most recent item when multiple items exist. Fortunately, there s an easy way to do this accumulate the <entry> items in a hash indexed by the <id> field s value. Listing 4 11 shows the parsing and de-duplication that begins when the thread actually runs.
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A view that can communicate a lot about the state and history of a project is the metrics view in the CruiseControl Web application. Figure 9-9 shows the metrics for the TechConf application (before we introduced the error in the previous section).
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Note: The Subscribe method returns a subscription token of type Microsoft.Practices. Prism.Events.SubscriptionToken that can be used to remove a subscription to the event later. This token is particularly useful when you are using anonymous delegates or lambda expressions as the callback delegate or when you are using the same subscription event handler with different filters. Note: You should not modify the payload object from within a callback delegate because several threads could be accessing the payload object simultaneously. You could configure the payload to be immutable to avoid concurrency errors. Subscribing Using Strong References If you are raising multiple events in a short amount of time and have noticed performance issues with them, you may need to subscribe with strong delegate references. If you do that, you will then need to manually unsubscribe from the event when you dispose of the subscriber. By default, CompositePresentationEvent maintains a weak delegate reference to the subscriber s handler and filter on the subscription. This means that the reference that CompositePresentationEvent holds on to will not prevent garbage collection of the subscriber. Using a weak delegate reference relieves the subscriber from the need to unsubscribe and allows for proper garbage collection. However, maintaining this weak delegate reference is slower than using a strong reference. For most applications, the performance degradation will not be noticeable, but if
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5 Primitive, Reference, and Value Types
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AttributeUsageAttribute s other property, Inherited, indicates if the attribute should
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public Dispose IDisposable Dispose
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Finally, the InitializeEndToEndIteration target will be invoked. This target: 1. Updates properties that are dependent on other properties. For example, if IncrementalGet is set to true then this target will set CleanCompilationOutputOnly to true, SkipInitializeWorkspace to true, and ForceGet to false. 2. Updates the build number and drop location (which is dependent on the build number) in the Team Build operational database. This also creates the drop location and grants the build agent s service account Full Control permission to it. 3. If a custom label hasn t been speci ed in the LabelName property then the LabelName property is set to be the same as the BuildNumber.
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two, the NIC should be upgraded. This counter indicates a problem with the NIC rather than with the network bandwidth.
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This code uses the Silverlight browser bridge to attach JavaScript events to .NET events. (The browser bridge is discussed in more detail in 7, The Silverlight Browser Bridge. ) Whenever any of the specified JavaScript events occur, the HandleMouseWheel .NET event fires.
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The Services console offers an important addition to the Start, Stop, Pause, and Resume controls available in both the DHCP console and the command-line interface. In the Startup Type drop-down list, you can select the Disabled option. When this option is selected, the service cannot be started until the setting is changed. This setting is useful, for example, when you need to move a DHCP database to another computer and you want to ensure that the old server remains stopped even after you perform the migration.
Figure 12-6 When you attempt to connect to a secure wireless network, Windows prompts you to
Lesson 2: Exploring Specialized Server Controls
WITH Dates AS ( SELECT CAST('20091227' AS DATETIME) AS dt UNION ALL SELECT '20091228' UNION ALL SELECT '20091229' UNION ALL SELECT '20091230' UNION ALL SELECT '20091231' UNION ALL SELECT '20100101' UNION ALL SELECT '20100102' UNION ALL SELECT '20100103' UNION ALL SELECT '20100104' UNION ALL SELECT '20100105' UNION ALL SELECT '20100106' UNION ALL SELECT '20100107' UNION ALL SELECT '20100108' UNION ALL SELECT '20100109' UNION ALL SELECT '20100110' UNION ALL SELECT '20100111' ) SELECT dt, dbo.ISOweek(dt) AS wk, DATENAME(weekday, dt) AS wd FROM Dates; SET DATEFIRST @DF;
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