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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DNS
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The IEEE Computer Society publishes specialized journals on software engineering, security and privacy, computer graphics and animation, internet development, multimedia, intelligent systems, the history of computing, and other topics. See www.computer.org for more details. The ACM also publishes special-interest publications in artificial intelligence, computers and human interaction, databases, embedded systems, graphics, programming languages, mathematical software, networking, software engineering, and other topics. See www.acm.org for more information.
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Globalization and Accessibility
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Con guring and Managing E-Mail
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Part III:
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ASP.NET executes any of your Web Forms code inside its own try block. If your code throws an unhandled exception, ASP.NET catches the exception and determines how to handle it. ASP.NET offers a few mechanisms that you can use to receive a notification when an unhandled exception occurs. First, you can define a callback method that will get called when a particular Web page experiences an unhandled exception. You register the callback method using the Error event offered by the System.Web.UI.TemplateControl class; this class is the base class of the System.Web.UI.Page and System.Web.UI.UserControl classes. In addition to allowing you to receive notifications of unhandled exceptions for a specific page, ASP.NET also lets you register a callback method that will receive notifications of unhandled exceptions on any page in your Web Forms application. You register the application wide callback method using the Error event offered by the System.Web.HTTPApplication class. You typically add this code to your Global.asax file. ASP.NET also offers tracing options that dump stack traces for unhandled exceptions out to a Web page to help you detect problems and correct your code. For more details on ASP.NET and exceptions, consult the .NET Framework SDK documentation.
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FIGURE 9-14 Execution plan for the query in Listing 9-11
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Configuring and Extending a Web Application
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You store and retrieve user profiles in a database by using a provider class. This class abstracts the storage and retrieval of the profile information from the actual profile itself. In this way, you can always configure a new provider (and data store) without having to change any of your code. ASP.NET provides a default, configured provider for use with user profiles. This provider is the SqlProfileProvider class found in the System.Web.Profile namespace. When ASP.NET is installed, a setting is added to the Machine.config file that connects the SqlProfileProvider class to an instance of a Microsoft SQL Server database on the local machine. This setting is AspNetSqlProfileProvider and is set to work with a local configured version of SQL Server. By default, this is Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition. However, you can change this. The following shows an example of the provider s configuration.
Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
Controlling Access to Files and Folders
FIGURE 14-14 Workflow Create Task dialog box
Open the Administrative Tools menu and click Windows Server Backup. In the Actions pane, under Windows Server Backup, click Recover to start the Catalog Recovery Wizard. On the Specify Storage Type page, select one of the following options: If you don t have a backup to use to recover the catalog and you just want to delete the catalog, select I Don t Have Any Usable Backups, click Next, and then click Finish. If you do have a backup that you can use, specify whether the backup is on a local drive or remote shared folder and then click Next.
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