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If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, there are actually two versions of the MSCorEE .dll file installed . One version is the 32-bit x86 version, which will be in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 directory . The other version is the 64-bit x64 or IA64 version (depending on your computer s CPU architecture), which will be in the C:\Windows \System32 directory . Note that versions 3 .0 and 3 .5 of the .NET Framework shipped with version 2 .0 of the CLR; I do not show the directories for .NET Framework versions 3 .0 and 3 .5 because the CLR DLL loads from the v2 .0 .50727 directory .
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To help explain element to element binding in Silverlight, let s build a very simple application. The application will include a button and a checkbox. When the checkbox is checked, the button is enabled, when the checkbox is unchecked, the button is disabled. Let s get started. 1. Create a new Silverlight application in Visual Studio 2008. Name the project Ch5_ElementBinding, and allow Visual Studio to create a Web Site project to host your application. Edit the MainPage.xaml file to add a StackPanel to the root Grid. Place a ToggleButton and CheckBox named EnableButton within that StackPanel so the ToggleButton appears above the CheckBox. Add a margin of 20 on the StackPanel and 5 on the ToggleButton and CheckBox to add some spacing between the controls. The code for the page follows:
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By default, TCP/IP is installed and configured for automatic addressing when Windows 2003 Server Setup is run. Regardless of the networking options selected and configured during the setup program, you can always install and configure TCP/IP after Windows Server 2003 installation is complete.
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Writing and Working with HTTP Modules and Web Services
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If the numeric value has a bit that cannot be mapped to a symbol, the returned string will contain just a decimal number indicating the original numeric value; no symbols will appear in the string . Note that the symbols you define in your enumerated type don t have to be pure powers of 2 . For example, the Actions type could define a symbol called All with a value of 0x001F . If an instance of the Actions type has a value of 0x001F, formatting the instance will produce a string that contains All . The other symbol strings won t appear . So far, I ve discussed how to convert numeric values into a string of flags . It s also possible to convert a string of comma-delimited symbols into a numeric value by calling Enum s static Parse and TryParse method . Here s some code demonstrating how to use this method:
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Part II:
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Which Classes Contain the Most Errors
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GPO Comments
Dynamic PIVOT
Event Constructs
name when setting permissions in the Windows ACL editor GUI. You must include NT SERVICE\ label before the service s short name. Figure 6-12 shows the result in the ACL Editor. Interestingly, although you must include the NT Service label to assist Windows in finding the correct security principal, if you use the Check Name button in the same GUI, Windows will convert the typed-in label to the service s short name alone (such as W32Time). But you cannot use the short name by itself when defining permissions.
As you learned in 2, PDF (Portable Document Format) support in the core applications of the Microsoft Office system gives you the ability to save and distribute your finished documents in a format that doesn t require a specific application (beyond the PDF viewer) for viewing, printing, and sharing. The recipients of the final PDF version of your presentation can resize, view, and print your slides, but cannot view them as a slide show or modify the slides in any way (see Figure 6-13).
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clear the Microsoft CHAP check box, and ensure that only the Microsoft
Inserting a New Record
Part III Essential Types
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Because the _CorExeMain function is imported from Microsoft s MSCorEE.dll dynamic link library, MSCorEE.dll is referenced in the assembly file s import (.idata) section. MSCorEE.dll stands for Microsoft Component Object Runtime Execution Engine. When the managed EXE file is invoked, Windows treats it just like any normal (unmanaged) EXE file: the Windows loader loads the file and examines the .idata section to see that MSCorEE.dll should be loaded into the process s address space. Then the loader obtains the address of the _CorExeMain function inside MSCorEE.dll and fixes up the stub function s JMP instruction in the managed EXE file. The process s primary thread begins executing this x86 stub function, which immediately jumps to _CorExeMain in MSCorEE.dll. _CorExeMain initializes the CLR and then looks at the executable assembly s CLR header to determine what managed entry point method should execute. The IL code for the method is then compiled into native CPU instructions, and the CLR jumps to the native code (using the process s primary thread). At this point, the managed application s code is running. The situation is similar for a managed DLL. When building a managed DLL, the compiler/linker emits a similar 6 byte x86 stub function in the PE file s .text section for a DLL assembly:
Microsoft SQL Server 10.0.1600.22 Service Broker Diagnostic Utility D 29835 MYSERVER2 Inventory Messages on conversation handle 3d12420d-22ecdd11-96b1-0015b7d4ac66 (conversation id 6d6a3396-1aaf-4472-a462-3a4d5073a70e) from service // to service // cannot be transmitted dues to the following problem: The session keys for this conversation could not be created or accessed. The database master key is required for this operation. D 29975 InvDB Inventory User dbo does not have SEND permission on service // 2 Errors, 0 Warnings
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