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Generate Data Matrix in Inheritance and Polymorphism

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Console.WriteLine(v + ", " + o);// Displays "123, 5"
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Open http://Companyweb if it isn t already open. Click Shared Documents in the left pane to open the Shared Documents page, shown in Figure 22-5.
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Open the EmployeeController. Remove the Delete methods because this practice will not implement these. Add code to each action method to work with the model based on the action. This includes the Index method (which returns a list of Employees) and the Details, Create, and Edit methods. Assume that each of these pages will be created as a strongly typed view. Be sure to add a using (Imports in Visual Basic) statement for EmployeeMgrMvc.Models. The following code shows an example.
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14. Return to the IP Security Management console, IP Security Monitor for Computer1 and select the Main Mode Statistics node. Are any authentication failures present
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[AcceptVerbs(HttpVerbs.Post)] public ActionResult Edit(int id, FormCollection collection) { try { DotNetLink dotNetLink = dotNetLinksManager.Find(id); UpdateModel(dotNetLink); dotNetLinksManager.Save(); return RedirectToAction("Index");
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view state ASP.NET uses view state to track values in controls between page requests. You can also add your own custom values to the view state. Control state Control state allows you to persist information about a control that is not part of the view state. This is useful to custom control developers. If view state is disabled for a control or the page, the control state will still function. hidden fields Like view state, HTML hidden fields store data without displaying that data to the user s browser. This data is presented back to the server and is available when the form is processed. Cookies A cookie stores a value in the user s browser. The browser sends this value
15. On the Logon Bitmap page, click Next.
Figure 8-1 Windows Mail accommodates three kinds of accounts: Mail, News, and Directory Serice.
Managed heap A C D E F I J
Combining Validation Attribute Operations One other use of validation attributes worth a mention here is the application of a composite validator. By default, multiple validators defined for a member are combined using the And operation. If you want to combine multiple validation attributes using an Or operation, you must apply the ValidatorComposition attribute first and specify CompositionType.Or. The results of all validation operations defined in subsequent validation attributes are combined using the operation you specify for composition type. The example class uses a ValidatorComposition attribute on the nullable DateDue property to combine a Not Null validator and a Relative DateTime validator. The top-level error message that the user will see for this property (when you do not recursively iterate through the contents of the ValidationResults) is the message from the ValidatorComposition attribute.
Use structures to clarify data relationships Structures bundle groups of related items together. Sometimes the hardest part of figuring out a program is figuring out which data goes with which other data. It s like going to a small town and asking who s related to whom. You come to find out that everybody s kind of related to everybody else, but not really, and you never get a good answer.
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