The Set Statement Goes Away in C#

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Preparing and Producing Professional Results
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Small Business Server 2008 Wizard
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When you select the Remote Access (Dial-Up Or VPN) option in the Routing And Remote Access Server Setup Wizard, the results are as follows: 1. The Routing And Remote Access service is enabled as both a remote access server and a LAN and demand-dial router, with Windows as the authentica tion and accounting provider (unless RADIUS was chosen and configured). If there is only one network adapter connected to the intranet, that network adapter is automatically selected as the IP interface from which to obtain DHCP, DNS, and WINS configuration data. Otherwise, the network adapter specified in the wizard is selected to obtain DHCP, DNS, and WINS configu ration data. If specified, the static IP address ranges are configured. 2. Exactly 128 PPTP ports and 128 L2TP ports are created. All of them are enabled for both inbound remote access connections and inbound and outbound demand-dial connections. 3. The selected Internet interface is configured with input and output IP packet filters that allow only PPTP and L2TP/IPSec traffic. 4. The DHCP Relay Agent component is added with the Internal interface. The Internal interface is a logical interface that is used to represent the connec tion to VPN clients as opposed to the physical interface corresponding to an installed network adapter. If the VPN server is a DHCP client at the time the wizard is run, the DHCP Relay Agent is automatically configured with the IP address of a DHCP server. Otherwise, you must manually configure the properties of the DHCP Relay Agent with an IP address of a DHCP server on your intranet. The DHCP Relay Agent forwards DHCPInform packets between VPN remote access clients and an intranet DHCP server. 5. The Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) component is added. The Internal interface is configured for IGMP router mode. All other LAN interfaces are configured for IGMP proxy mode. This allows VPN remote access clients to send and receive multicasting group membership information for IP multicast traffic. It is important to note that IGMP is not a multicast routing protocol in its own right it simply enables multicast forwarding to work across the VPN server. barcode reader control
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If you don t like the way a clip on the storyboard is named, delete it (select it and press Delete) . Rename it in the Collections pane, then drag it back onto the storyboard . You can t rename objects while they re on the storyboard or timeline . And if you rename an object in the Contents pane, your changes are not reflected in any matching item that s already on the storyboard .
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ruby-talk: Deals with general topics and questions about Ruby ruby-core: Discussion of core Ruby issues, specifically about the development of the language ruby-doc: Discussion of the documentation standards and tools for Ruby (rarely used)
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Now that you see how these tags work, you can learn how to manage them in Visual Studio .
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The numbers match up well with the presentation objectives . When accompanied by a compelling speech, they can t help but be persuasive . The chart is well formatted, and it s fun to see its dynamic multiplicity . Take full advantage of this, switching frequently between views and returning to the views that you have already shown to strengthen their impact . If some of the members of your target audience have knowledge of Excel, don t neglect the opportunity to inspire professional curiosity: no programming required . If you can show your audience something similar to what we ve shown here at the start of your presentation, you are well on the way to creating a good atmosphere and receiving positive feedback . Second only to the personality of the presenter, the aesthetics of a solution is the most important requirement for achieving affective objectives; that is, feelings, sentiments, and judgments .
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Offline Synchronization Filters
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1 The CLR s Execution Model
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Init This method is used to initialize the computation. It is invoked once for each group that the query processor is aggregating. Accumulate The name of the method gives you a hint at its purpose accumulating the aggregate values, of course. This method is invoked once for each value (that is, for every single row) in the group that is being aggregated. It uses input parameters, and the parameters have to be of the data types corresponding to the native SQL Server data types of the columns you are going to aggregate. The data type of the input can also be a CLR UDT. In SQL Server 2005, UDAs supported no more than one input parameter. In SQL Server 2008, UDAs support multiple input parameters. Merge Notice that this method uses an input parameter with the type that is the aggregate class. The method is used to merge multiple partial computations of an aggregation. Terminate This method nishes the aggregation and returns the result.
In the tasks that we have created thus far, we have shown only task inputs and outputs using string values. From the Value Types listed in Table 4-4, you can see that there are many other types of values that we can pass through into and out of tasks. When you create task properties of any supported type you don t have to worry about the conversion between string and the actual type. The MSBuild engine will take care of this automatically. The most interesting type listed in Table 4-4 is the ITaskItem type. This is shipped with MSBuild, in the Microsoft.Build.Framework assembly, and is heavily used in tasks. In the next task we will demonstrate using objects of this type. The next sample we will discuss is the TempFile task. This task creates a temp le and returns its locations to the calling build script. The location value is passed as the property TempFilePath, which is declared as an ITaskItem. The class de nition is shown as follows.
Part IV
recognized encoding, so Basic Authentication is equivalent to passing your credentials across the Internet in plain text. You should not use Basic Authentication for Web sites that are bound to the HTTP protocol because this will cause domain-level credentials to be sent in clear text between browser and server. Use HTTPS for all pages that are to use Basic Authentication. On clients within a domain, you can prevent Basic Authentication from being used by Internet Explorer at non-HTTPS sites by using Group Policy to set the following registry value as a DWORD with the value of 1 on the client computers:
Using an Existing Domain Name
<PropertyGroup> <AssemblyName>Sedodream.Build.Tasks</AssemblyName> </PropertyGroup> <Message Text="AssemblyName: $(AssemblyName)" /> </Target> </Project>
Without this list component, Microsoft Dynamics CRM displays SharePoint documents in an inline frame (IFrame), which works fine but doesn t match the look and feel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We will show an example of the list component later in this chapter. We won t go through the entire process of setting up the SharePoint integration because the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Guide covers this process in detail. However, we want to highlight a few key configuration parameters. You can access the Document Management configuration options by clicking the Document Management link in the Settings area of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Next, click the Document Management Settings link. A dialog box opens and you can select the entities for which you want to enable document management, as shown in Figure 4-16.
Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-43
-- Insert next level of subordinates to @Subs INSERT INTO @Subs(empid, lvl) SELECT C.empid, @lvl FROM @Subs AS P -- P = Parent JOIN dbo.Employees AS C -- C = Child ON P.lvl = @lvl - 1 -- Filter parents from previous level AND C.mgrid = P.empid; END RETURN; END GO
You should use this feature sparingly, as not all programmers are familiar with it . For example, when you extend a type with an extension method, you are actually extending derived types with this method as well . Therefore, you should not define an extension method whose first parameter is System.Object, as this method will be callable for all expression types and this will really pollute Visual Studio s IntelliSense window . There is a potential versioning problem that exists with extension methods . If, in the future, Microsoft adds an IndexOf instance method to their StringBuilder class with the same prototype as my code is attempting to call, then when I recompile my code, the compiler will bind to Microsoft s IndexOf instance method instead of my static IndexOf method . Because of this, my program will experience different behavior . This versioning problem is another reason why this feature should be used sparingly .
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