Other Objects in the .NET Framework in visual C#

Integrated DataMatrix in visual C# Other Objects in the .NET Framework

Web Application Basics
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EMPLOYEE TOTAL_SALARY -------- -----------SMITH 9600 JONES 9600 ADAMS 13200 WARD 15050 MARTIN 15050 MILLER 15650 TURNER 18100 ALLEN 19300 CLARK 29600 BLAKE 34400 JONES 35900 SCOTT 36200 FORD 36200 KING 60500 By the way, you can choose any name you like for your tuple variables. Listing 8-5 uses e and s, but any other names would work, including longer names consisting of any combination of letters and digits. Enhanced readability is the only reason why this book uses (as much as possible) the first characters of table names as tuple variables in SQL statements.
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Java Example of a Confusing Negative Boolean Test
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1. On IIS1, share the root folder of the drive on which you installed the operat ing system. Name the share ROOT, and retain the default permissions. 2. To determine whether file sharing is working correctly, on DC1, click Start, click Run, type \\IIS1\ROOT, and then click OK. You should see the files in the root folder on IIS1.
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How Network Monitor Works
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A rebind means that one or more of the correlated parameters of the join changed and the inner side must be reevaluated. A rewind means that none of the correlated parameters changed and that the prior inner result set might be reused.
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Because a primary key violation is not considered a severe error, it neither completely terminates nor fails the transaction . Rather, the transaction remains open and committable . To see an example where the transaction fails, you can simply set XACT_ABORT to ON, and rerun the code in Listing 6-3:
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Almost everyone has experienced or heard this story: Product development was going exceptionally well. The test team and development team worked together and made quick progress. Like clockwork, the development team released a new build of the software every day, and the test team updated their build, and then created and ran new tests every day. They found bugs in the functionality, but the development team fixed issues quickly. The release date approached, and there was little pressure. The software just worked. The tests just passed. The beta testers said the software did everything it was supposed to do. The software shipped, and the initial reaction was positive. Two weeks later the first call came in, quickly followed by many more. The program that the team had just developed was designed to run constantly in the background. After a few weeks of continuous use, the software still "worked," but performance had degraded so much that the application was nearly unusable. The team was so proud of the features and functionality of their application that they did not think to (or forgot to) run the application as a user would for days, weeks, and months at a time. Daily builds meant that they rein- stalled the application daily. The longest the application ever ran was over the weekend, from Friday to Monday, but that wasn't enough time to expose the small resource leaks in the application that would show up in an obvious way only after nearly two weeks of constant use.
IP Address (giaddr) =
The best way to see StringScanner s feature set is to see it in action: require 'strscan' string = StringScanner.new "This is a test" puts string.scan(/\w+/) puts string.scan(/\s+/) puts string.scan(/\w+/) puts string.scan(/\s+/) puts string.rest
This calls out to QWebPage s createPlugin method, which takes the name of a class to create along with the name-value parameters from the HTML origin of the object, and returns a QObject instance that is placed at the appropriate location in the HTML. This method might look something like this:
<configuration> <configSections> <section name="MySingleSection" type="System.Configuration.SingleTagSectionHandler"/> </configSections> <MySingleSection MyFirstKey="MyFirstValue" MySecondKey="MySecondValue" MyThirdKey="MyThirdValue"/> </configuration>
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