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Figure 6-14. Use the Modify Shared Page menu to add web parts to the page.
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Note APPLY, PIVOT, and UNPIVOT are not ANSI operators; rather, they are extensions speci c to
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Some text in the control identifies it . Also, some text right above the control identifies the entire class name . Although the control is already selected, you might need to select it later whenever you switch to another page and then back to this one . You can select the new control using the drop-down list in the Properties pane in the lower right corner of the Visual Studio window . Change the Text property in the control and watch it show up in the Designer .
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e. Which User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port is used as the source port when sending information from the DHCP client and as the destination port when sending information to the DHCP client
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Part V
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Debugging and Deploying
public static String Intern(String str); public static String IsInterned(String str);
The result of 0 indicates that the two spatial objects are not disjoint they intersect: We can ask the same question about Line2 and Area2:
What s What in Windows Explorer
Quota templates enable you to quickly apply standardized quota settings, as well as simultaneously update all quotas that make use of a template when you edit a quota template, Windows gives you the option to update all quotas based on the template. To create or edit a quota template, follow these steps:
Use styles that don t break down or discourage modification Any style that s too fancy is annoying to maintain. For example, pick out the part of the comment below that won t be maintained:
Type1 Type2
As its name suggests, the Script web resource provides storage and access for JavaScript or Jscript files. Script resources can be used with other web resources or webpages, or attached to an entity s form. As with the previous web resource types, you can upload your own JavaScript file or manually type your code in the Text Editor. In the next example, we ll create a Script web resource and then reference it in the Lead form. We ll update the Topic field on the Lead entity to include the full name of the lead and the date the lead was created.
In Silverlight, there is no XMLDataProvider class. In Silverlight, there is no DataTemplateSelector class. In WPF, this class provides a
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