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The doCities function uses the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) to get a reference to the Silverlight plug-in. It then calls the upDateCities function that you created in .NET in Silverlight to change the state of the Silverlight application and render the new cities.
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Appendix D
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Normally, forcing a garbage collection to start is strongly discouraged because it usually has an adverse effect on your application s performance . However, classes that call these methods are doing so in an effort to keep limited native resources available for the application . If the native resources run out, the application will fail . For most applications, it is better to work with reduced performance than to not be working at all . barcode
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1 . Place themes for an application in the App_Themes folder. 2. Place global themes in the <iisdefaultroot>\Aspnet_client\System_web\<version>
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4. Click Change Scope. 5. In the Change Scope dialog box (see Figure 10-11 and step 4 in the previous section), select the range of computers from which you want to allow incoming connections.
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8. In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web client, navigate to the Reports list, and click New on the grid toolbar. 9. Select Existing File for the Report Type, and select your new Account Activities.rdl in the File Location field. Enter a description and choose Accounts in the Related Records Type field. For Display In, select all three options: Forms for related record types; Lists for related record types; Reports area. 10. Click Save, and then click Run your new report. The report output looks like the following.
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The estimated execution plans generated for these queries are shown in Figures 7-2 and 7-3 .
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When writing a trigger for an UPDATE statement, you sometimes want to react to the change only if certain columns were modified . For example, if you want to reject an attempt to modify a primary key value, you want to react only if the primary key column was specified as the target column in the SET clause of the triggering UPDATE statement . SQL Server gives you two tools that allow you to identify whether certain columns were modified the UPDATE predicate and the COLUMNS_UPDATED function . The UPDATE predicate accepts a column name as input and returns TRUE if the input column was specified in the SET clause of the triggering UPDATE statement . For example, to check whether a column called empid was modified, you would use the following:
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ICorDebugObjectValue * pObjVal = NULL ; ICorDebugReferenceValue * pRefVal = NULL ; // Get the reference to this value. Exceptions should come in this // way. If getting the ICorDebugReferenceValue fails, the type is // ICorDebugGenericValue. There's nothing I can do with a // ICorDebugGenericValue as I need the class name. hr = pICorDebugValue-> QueryInterface ICorDebugReferenceValue ), ); if ( SUCCEEDED ( hr ) ) { // Dereference the value. ICorDebugValue * pDeRef ; hr = pRefVal->Dereference ( &pDeRef ) ; if ( SUCCEEDED ( hr ) ) { // Now that I dereferenced, I can ask for the object value. hr = pDeRef-> QueryInterface ICorDebugObjectValue ), ); // I no longer need the dereference. pDeRef->Release ( ) ; } // I no longer need the reference. pRefVal->Release ( ) ; } ASSERT ( SUCCEEDED ( hr ) ) ; if ( SUCCEEDED ( hr ) ) { // Get the class interface for this object. ICorDebugClass * pClass ; 421 ( __uuidof ( ( (void**)&pRefVal __uuidof (
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The Data Source Object Model
Single-subnet network
How much boost will you get from ReadyBoost As with so many other performance issues, it depends. If your internal memory is well above the amount you actually need, ReadyBoost won t do much for you. If not, you should definitely see some performance improvement. To use ReadyBoost, follow these steps: 1. Plug a suitable external memory device into your computer. An AutoPlay window similar to the following will appear (it won t say READYBOOST, unless you ve already assigned that name to the volume, as we have here):
private static void ComparingTwoGenericTypeVariables<T>(T o1, T o2) { if (o1 == o2) { } // Error }
USE InsideTSQL2008; GO DROP TABLE dbo.CNUsage; DROP AGGREGATE dbo.ComplexNumberCS_SUM; DROP TYPE dbo.ComplexNumberCS; DROP ASSEMBLY ComplexNumberCS; DROP AGGREGATE dbo.ComplexNumberVB_SUM; DROP TYPE dbo.ComplexNumberVB; DROP ASSEMBLY ComplexNumberVB; GO
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