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The previous two examples are in all probability much simpler than most code you will find in production, and creating a complete set of test cases for these code examples would be relatively quick work. For simple functions, calculation of cyclomatic complexity is straight- forward and easily performed manually. For large functions with many decision points, or for automatically calculating cyclomatic complexity across a large code base, many tools are available (including tools from McCabe such as McCabe IQ, [3] or free tools such as CCCC, NDepend, and Code Analyzer). For managed code development, several free tools are on the market that calculate the cyclomatic complexity of a given piece of code, including Sourcemonitor, Reflector, and FxCop. A primary use of cyclomatic complexity is as a measurement of the testability of a function. Table 7-1 contains McCabe's guidelines on using cyclomatic complexity. Table 7-1: Cyclomatic Complexity Risk Analysis Open table as spreadsheet Cyclomatic complexity Associated risk 1 10 11 20 21 50 50+ Simple program with little risk Moderate complexity and risk High complexity and risk Very high risk/untestable
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Small Business Server 2008 computer as well as on all clients. The best way to do this is to purchase a small-business antivirus package that supports both clients and the server. Exchange Server scanning is included in Windows Small Business Server 2008, as is the server version of Windows OneCare. There are also good third-party solutions speci cally designed for the SBS market from several vendors.
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Imports: These settings, shown in Figure 8-13, will determine how entries imported from AkoBook are handled. You can have the importer automatically truncate title text length to a specified number of characters and convert Bulletin Board Code (BBCode) formatting automatically into HTML formatting before the entries are saved into Jambook.
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An Example of English-to-Mathematics Translation
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Synchronizing with a DataSet Object You can synchronize a DataSet object with an XmlDataDocument object in various ways. For example, you can start by populating a DataSet object with schema and data and then pass it on to a new XmlDataDocument object, as shown here: DataSet data = new DataSet(); // Populate the DataSet with schema and data XmlDataDocument dataDoc = new XmlDataDocument(data); In this case, the XML DOM object is created from the relational data. Alternatively, you can set up the DataSet object with schema only, associate it with the XmlDataDocument class, and then populate the XML DOM object with XML data, as shown in the following code. In this way, the DataSet object is filled with hierarchical data. DataSet data = new DataSet(); // Populate the DataSet only with schema information XmlDataDocument dataDoc = new XmlDataDocument(data); dataDoc.Load(xmlfile); Note that an exception is thrown if you attempt to load an XmlDataDocument object synchronized with a DataSet object that contains data. You can take a third route. You can instantiate and load an XmlDataDocument object and then extract the corresponding DataSet object from it, as shown here: XmlDataDocument dataDoc = new XmlDataDocument(); DataSet data = dataDoc.DataSet; // Add schema information to the DataSet dataDoc.Load(xmlfile); In this case, no DataSet object is explicitly passed in by the user. The default constructor creates an empty DataSet object anyway that is then filled when the XmlDataDocument object is loaded. A client application can get a reference to the internal DataSet object by using the DataSet property. An important issue to consider is that the DataSet object can't be filled if no schema information has been set. You can manually create tables and columns in the DataSet object or read the information from an XML stream using the ReadXmlSchema method. (More on this topic in 9.) XML Data Fidelity To fill a DataSet object with XML data, you can use one of two methods. The first method is to use the DataSet object's ReadXml method (see 9). The second method is to load the data as XML into an instance of the XmlDataDocument class, and then use the XmlDataDocument. DataSet method to fill the DataSet object. The two approaches differ significantly in terms of data fidelity. When ReadXml is used and the data is written back as XML, all extra XML information such as white spaces, processing instructions, and CDATA sections is irreversibly lost. This happens because the DataSet relational format simply does not know how to handle information that is meaningful only to the hierarchical model. When the DataSet object is filled using an XML document loaded into XmlDataDocument, the DataSet object still contains a simplified and adapted representation of the hierarchical contents but the original XML document is preserved intact. 304
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public static void ShowFirstLetter() { Contract.Assume(s_name.Length >= 1); Console.WriteLine(s_name[0]); } // No warning at all now!
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As long as the dimension columns in the table don't have NULLs, wherever you see a NULL in the result of the CUBE query, it logically means all. Later I'll discuss how to deal with NULLs in the queried table. For example, the row containing NULL, NULL, 2004, 45 shows the total quantity (45) for the orders of all employees and all customers for the order year 2004. You might want to cache the result set from a CUBE query in the client or middle tier, or you might want to save it in a temporary table and index it. The code in Listing 6-15 selects the result set into the temporary table #Cube and then creates a clustered index on all dimensions.
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Have you considered improving performance by changing the program requirements Have you considered improving performance by modifying the program s design Have you considered improving performance by modifying the class design Have you considered improving performance by avoiding operating system interactions
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Multiple CPUs Some computers just have multiple CPUs in them . That is, the motherboard has multiple sockets on it, with each socket containing a CPU . Since the motherboard must be bigger, the computer case is bigger as well, and sometimes these machines have multiple power supplies in them due to the additional power drain . These kinds of computers have been around for a few decades, but they are not as popular today due to their increased size and cost . Hyperthreaded chips This technology (owned by Intel) allows a single chip to look like two chips . The chip contains two sets of architectural states, such as CPU registers, but the chip has only one set of execution resources . To Windows, this looks like there are two CPUs in the machine, so Windows schedules two threads concurrently . However, the chip only executes one of the threads at a time . When one thread pauses due to a cache miss, branch misprediction, or data dependency, the chip switches to the other thread . This all happens in hardware, and Windows doesn t know that it is happening; Windows believes that both threads are running concurrently . Windows does know about hyperthreaded CPUs, and if you have multiple hyperthreaded CPUs in a single machine, Windows will first schedule one thread on each CPU so that the threads are truly running concurrently and then schedule other threads on the alreadybusy CPUs . Intel claims that a hyperthreaded CPU can improve performance by 10 percent to 30 percent . Multi-core chips A few years ago, single chips containing multiple CPU cores have entered the scene . As I write this, chips with two, three, and four cores are readily available . Even my notebook computer has two cores in it; I m sure it won t be long before our mobile phones have multiple cores in them too . Intel has even been working on a single chip with 80 cores on it! Wow, this is a lot of computing power! And Intel even has hyperthreaded multi-core chips .
This method allows multiple threads to process the results simultaneously . I could modify my code earlier to use this method as follows:
For a few attributes, however, it does make sense to apply the attribute multiple times to a single target . In the FCL, the ConditionalAttribute attribute class allows multiple instances of itself to be applied to a single target . If you don t explicitly set AllowMultiple to true, your attribute can be applied no more than once to a selected target .
Setting Up Windows Vista
Many limitations apply to table variables but not to temporary tables . In this section, I ll describe some of them, whereas others will be described in dedicated sections .
When the CEO gives Mary the assignment to pull together a package of last quarter s sales reports and PowerPoint presentations that highlight goals for the upcoming quarter from each of the company s six major areas of business, Mary immediately clicks the Sales area of the portal. She opens the Sales Reports document library and clicks the view that groups the documents by Quarter and by Division. She reviews the Last Modified dates to
Exercise 4: Testing the Configuration
Practice 1: Troubleshoot IPSec with IPSec Monitor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-74
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