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The shown chart has four data series, whose data points are in three categories each and the overlap is set to 0 percent by default . As a result, they are displayed right next to each other . In the example on the left side of the figure, one of the data series was selected and set to -30 percent under Series Options in the formatting dialog box; a negative value increases the distance between the data points (columns) .
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namespace ConsumeQuotesService { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { // Get a single random quote
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(2:5) (3:7) (10:12)
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3. From a host named C1, you cannot ping another host named C2 that is located on the same subnet. You have examined the IP properties of both computers and have determined that neither computer contains TCP/IP configuration errors. Both computers can ping themselves, but only C2 can ping other computers. You have also verified that no errors exist in either computer s IP-to-hardware address mappings. What should be your next step a. Check for hardware errors on C1. b. Run Network Diagnostics.
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In this example, no configuration file would be needed if the JeffTypes assembly files were deployed to a subdirectory called JeffTypes, since the CLR would automatically scan for a subdirectory whose name matches the name of the assembly being searched for . If the assembly can t be found in any of the preceding subdirectories, the CLR starts all over, using an .exe extension instead of a .dll extension . If the assembly still can t be found, a FileNotFoundException is thrown . For satellite assemblies, similar rules are followed except that the assembly is expected to be in a subdirectory, whose name matches the culture, of the application s base directory . For example, if AsmName .dll has a culture of en-US applied to it, the following directories are probed:
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Con guring SBS in Hyper-V
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a = a.length = 50 b = = "Ghengis Khan of Moskau" In this case, the Ruler classes were accessed by directly addressing them via their respective modules (as ToolBox::Ruler and Country::Ruler). However, what if you wanted to assume temporarily that Ruler (with no module name prefixed) was Country::Ruler, and that if you wanted to access any other Ruler class, you d refer to it directly include makes it possible. In the previous sections, you ve used include to include the methods of a module in the current class and scope, but it also includes the classes present within a module (if any) and makes them locally accessible too. Say, after the prior code, you did this: include Country c = = "King Henry VIII" Success! The Country module s contents (in this case, just the Ruler class) are brought into the current scope, and you can use Ruler as if it s a local class. If you want to use the Ruler class located under ToolBox, you can still refer to it directly as ToolBox::Ruler.
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Listing 6 4. Introducing a QObject into the QML context static const char* kUrl = ""; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { qRegisterMetaType<QModelIndex>("QModelIndex"); QApplication app(argc, argv); QMainWindow window(); QuakeListModel* model = new QuakeListModel(&window); WorkerThread* worker = new WorkerThread(&window, *model); worker->fetch(kUrl); QDeclarativeView* view = new QDeclarativeView(); // The only thing we show is the declarative view. window.setCentralWidget(view); window.showMaximized(); view->rootContext()->setContextProperty("feedModel", model); view->setSource(QUrl::fromLocalFile("main.qml")); return app.exec(); }
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The UDT abbreviation identifies the data type of the object or variable being named. UDT abbreviations might refer to entities such as windows, screen regions, and fonts. A UDT abbreviation generally doesn t refer to any of the predefined data types offered by the programming language. UDTs are described with short codes that you create for a specific program and then standardize on for use in that program. The codes are mnemonics such as wn for windows and scr for screen regions. Here s a sample list of UDTs that you might use in a program for a word processor:
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The following sections will explore various aspects of views in more detail, starting with the reasoning behind disallowing an ORDER BY clause without a TOP or FOR XML specification in the view s query .
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What s New in Windows Vista
InsertRange() Clear() Contains() Capacity
Figure 3-64. Execution plan for set-based solution 2
In this statement, <isolation level> can be one of the following: READ UNCOMMITTED, READ COMMITTED, REPEATABLE READ, SERIALIZABLE, or SNAPSHOT . Or you can set the isolation level of a query by using a table hint (READUNCOMMITTED, READCOMMITTED, REPEATABLEREAD, or SERIALIZABLE) . The hint NOLOCK is equivalent to READUNCOMMITTED, and the hint HOLDLOCK is equivalent to REPEATABLEREAD .
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You are an application developer for Contoso, Ltd., a business-to-business retailer. You are writing an e-commerce web application that retrieves inventory and customer data from a back-end database server. Recently, your marketing department has received requests from customers to provide enhanced account-management capabilities. Your manager asks you to interview key people and then come to his office to answer his questions about your design choices.
Working with a Remote Computer s Registry . . . . . . . . 870 Changing Registry Key Permissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 871 Restricting Access to Registry Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 872 Editing the Registry from the Command Line . . . . . . . 874
Let s take a final look at the data in the Text_Sample table:
Auxiliary Carry flag Parity flag
Test Flags and Emulation Provide Agility
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