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20 Exceptions and State Management
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Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-26
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Finally, practice! If you ve never replaced a power supply before, and you don t have clear and detailed instructions, it will take you orders of magnitude longer to replace it when the server is down and everyone is yelling and the phone keeps ringing. By practicing the replacement of the power supplies in your critical hardware, you ll save time and reduce the stress involved. Ideally, document the steps you need to perform and include well-illustrated and detailed instructions on how to replace the power supplies of your critical hardware as part of your disaster recovery standard operating procedures. If you can swap out a failed power supply in 10 minutes, rather than waiting hours until an outside technician arrives, you ve saved more than enough money to pay for the spare part several times over.
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TextReader and TextWriter
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To move an object, you must first select it . Then:
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Mixed-Language Programming Considerations
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Figure 22-30.
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Note This chapter is not a PayPal manual but a quick guide to using PayPal. For any complex queries
If n is large, Sum could take a long time to execute . To keep the UI of my application responsive or to take advantage of other CPUs in the computer, I d like to execute this method asynchronously . To do this, I use the generic System.Func<T, TResult> delegate that accepts two type parameters; one for the argument and one for the return type:
Using these tables on-screen is not very helpful . Instead, you should print out these worksheets and keep them near your workstation . You ll find that such printed templates are often more helpful and faster to use than their on-screen equivalents . This is especially true once you ve become accustomed to entering codes quickly with the Alt key, and you may even be able to memorize the codes you use most frequently . Some examples, based on standard fonts, are provided next:
lRet = g_pfnOrigFilt ( pExPtrs ) ; } } CleanupSymEng ( ) ; } } __except ( EXCEPTION_EXECUTE_HANDLER ) { lRet = EXCEPTION_CONTINUE_SEARCH ; } return ( lRet ) ; } /*///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// // EXCEPTION_POINTER Translation Functions Implementation /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///*/ LPCTSTR __stdcall GetFaultReason ( EXCEPTION_POINTERS * pExPtrs ) { ASSERT ( FALSE == IsBadReadPtr ( pExPtrs , sizeof ( EXCEPTION_POINTERS ) ) ) ; if ( TRUE == IsBadReadPtr ( pExPtrs , sizeof ( EXCEPTION_POINTERS ) ) ) { TRACE0 ( "Bad parameter to GetFaultReason\n" ) ; return ( NULL ) ; } // The variable that holds the return value LPCTSTR szRet ; __try {
Dynamics CRM.
// 0 causes infrequent GCs // 10MB causes frequent GCs
12. Fundamental Data Types
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