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Using the Object Tag
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=ISNUMBER ([FlightMiles]) =ISTEXT ([FlightMiles])
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L_0074: L_0079: }
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What accounts for the difference in name resolution methods
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Listing 31-49. C example of a readable number of operations on each line.
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In the code above, the C# compiler generates IL code to construct an Action delegate . When creating a delegate, the constructor is passed the method that should be called and is also passed a reference to an object that should be passed to the method s hidden this parameter . Normally, when you create a delegate that refers to a static method, the object reference is null since static methods don t have a this parameter . However, in this example, the C# compiler generated some special code that creates a delegate that refers to a static method (ShowItems) and the target object of the static method is the reference to the Jeff string . Later, when the delegate is invoked, the CLR will call the static method and will pass to
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Many ASP .NET features are implemented through modules . Although you can see the modules listed in the master configuration file, you can also see the list of available modules at run time . They re available through the current application instance . The following exercise illustrates how to view the active modules .
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SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderdate = '200 SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderdate >= '20 SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderid = 5; SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderid = 7; data matrix
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Probing for Assembly Files
that uses the IsNull property in T-SQL as well, it is more efficient to test for NULLs using the Null property . Inheritance relationships are not recognized by SQL Server . You can use class hierarchies, but they are not defined in the SQL Server catalog and not used in T-SQL operations . In the CLR code, you can use class hierarchies; that is, use a base class and then define a subclass, which is your UDT . The subclass inherits all the methods of the base class . If the inherited methods are explicitly programmed in the subclass and this means they are overridden (commonly you do this to change the behavior of the method, not just to repeat the code from the base class) SQL Server will recognize them . If not, SQL Server does not know how to go to the base class and execute the code from the base class . But at the client side, in a .NET application that has references to the assembly with the base class and the UDT class, you can use methods from the base class without explicitly overriding them, because .NET recognizes class hierarchies . So basically you do not use inheritance when you define a UDT, unless you want to have some additional functionality only at the client side . Native formatting is simple to implement, but it has a drawback you can use only .NET value types in your UDT . The only really big problem is the string type, which is a reference type in .NET . If you use strings (or, of course, any other .NET reference type) in your UDT, you have to write your own serialization code . The UDT should support XML serialization as well . It must either implement the System.Xml .IXmlSerializable interface, or all public fields and properties must be of types that are XML serializable . If they are not XML serializable, they must be decorated with the XmlIgnore attribute if overriding standard serialization is required . The complex number UDT I am going to develop does not implement an explicit XML serialization and also does not use the XmlIgnore attribute, so we can use XML serialization from the string representation only . SQL Server and .NET native types do not match one-to-one . You should use .NET SqlTypes whenever possible because they correspond directly to SQL Server native types . The System.Data.SqlTypes namespace contains the classes that represent SQL Server native data types available to the assembly . Finally, to get a list of all the requirements of a CLR user-defined data type, please refer to the User-Defined Type Requirements topic in SQL Server Books Online .
[Serializable] class SimpleClass : ISerializable { private int o_int; private string o_string; public SimpleClass() { } protected SimpleClass(SerializationInfo p_info, StreamingContext p_context) { o_int = p_info.GetInt32("int"); o_string = p_info.GetString("string");
Assigning a Static IP Address
virtual override sealed
on the active client host
Subscription Type
Listing 8 2. The unit test for the QuakeEvent class #include #include #include #include <QtCore/QString> <QtTest/QtTest> <QDebug> "quakeevent.h"
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