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Network ID (16 bits)
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_tcscpy ( pNew , _T ( "New'd memory..." ) ) ; _tcscpy ( pNew2 , _T ( "More new'd memory..." ) ) ; _tcscpy ( pMemLeak , _T ( "Malloc'd memory..." ) ) ; }
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Customizing MSBuild
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DVD playback in Windows Media Player requires a supported DVD drive and a software decoder. Virtually all new PCs sold today include a DVD drive, so we ll assume that your system includes the correct hardware. How do you know if you have a compatible software decoder installed Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate editions include a DVD decoder as part of the standard installation. If you re running either of these editions, you re all set.
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Here is an example of some C# code that uses COM IDispatch to create a Microsoft Office Excel workbook and places a string in cell A1:
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Attribute Target Specification and Global Attributes
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A. Incorrect: This action is used to define error-specific pages (not a sitewide default error page). B. Correct: The defaultRedirect attribute of the customErrors element will set a default
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Figure 2 4. The Flowella desktop.
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IXFR queries initiate an incremental zone transfer. In these transfers, only the updated informa tion is transferred across the network. AXFR queries initiate an all zone transfer. In these trans fers, the complete zone database is transferred across the network.
Use is limited to two-dimensional bar, column, line, area, XY (Scatter), and bubble charts . These are formattable lines that have a certain, variable length based on a data point that is supposed to be used to indicate the measurement of the error amount . The length is oriented towards the scaling of the data point s value axis . From the data point, the lines can point to plus, minus, or both directions . The value axis of the data point defines the directions of the axes of the error bars . Since only the XY (Scatter) chart of the chart types listed above has horizontal and vertical value axes, it is the only chart where error bars can be simultaneously displayed in both directions of the axes .
For a complete list of CLS rules, consult the Common Language Infrastructure, which is available as standard ECMA-335 from the ECMA Web site, http://www.ecma.ch.
2. You can do so by passing the view name in the View method, as in return View("Edit"). 3. You add the HttpPostAttribute class to the action method signature.
Figure 7-13 A record viewer component set up with a few clicks using a DetailsView control
Part I:
You are a developer working at Contoso, Ltd. You are creating a new application to manage your division s inventory. Quality has been a big issue in the past; therefore, you plan to take advantage of the testability of ASP.NET MVC applications. You meet with subject-matter experts and gather requirements. You realize that this application will have to display products obtained from an existing product database (exposed to you as a web service). It will then have to define a new database and a functionality that allows users to view and update current inventory; provide functionality for viewing, editing, and adding suppliers; and create a restock page that allows a user to order a product from an approved supplier. You expect this application to grow very large over time. You also anticipate a large team of developers working to extend the application as Contoso, Ltd. grows.
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