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Note Static members are OOP-specific features that aren t supported by PHP 4 and older versions. You can find a very good introduction to the OOP features in PHP 5 at http://php.net/manual/en/ language.oop5.php.
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SQL> 0 /* this is just a comment */ SQL> 1 2 3 4 5* SQL> L /* this is just a comment */ select * from courses where category = 'DSG' order by code
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DELETE FROM HR.Employees WHERE empid > 9;
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private void SomeMethod() { Boolean trySucceeds = false; try { ... trySucceeds = true; } finally { if (!trySucceeds) { /* catch code goes in here */ } } }
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Next, create a directory in your Web site called app. In this, select Add New Item, and then select the XML File template and call the file app.xaml. Here s some simple Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) that you can put in this file:
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The RadioButton Control
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Select RubyGem to uninstall: 1. rubyforge-0.3.0 2. rubyforge-0.3.1 3. All versions
Lesson 2: Using ASP.NET Membership
EXEC GetOrders '-1); UPDATE Sales.Customers SET phone = ''9999999'' WHERE custid = 1; --';
Debugging and Deploying
Now the compiler will emit methods called get_Bit and set_Bit instead of get_Item and set_Item . When compiling, the C# compiler sees the IndexerName attribute, and this tells
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