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using SilverlightAndWCF.ServiceReference1; public partial class Page : UserControl { ProductsServiceClient productsService = new ProductsServiceClient(); public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); } }
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Notice that the first argument to the QueueUserWorkItem method is code (which I italicized)! More formally, the italicized code is called a C# lambda expression, and it is easy to detect due to the use of C#'s lambda expression operator: => . You may use a lambda expression in your code where the compiler would normally expect to see a delegate . And, when the compiler sees the use of this lambda expression, the compiler automatically defines a new private method in the class (AClass, in this example) . This new method is called an anonymous function because the compiler creates the name of the method for you automatically, and normally, you wouldn t know its name . However, you could use a tool such as ILDasm .exe to examine the compiler-generated code . After I wrote the code above and compiled it, I was able to see, by using ILDasm .exe, that the C# compiler decided to name this method <CallbackWithoutNewingADelegateObject>b__0 and ensured that this method took a single Object argument and returned void . The compiler chose to start the method name with a < sign because in C#, an identifier cannot contain a < sign; this ensures that you will not accidentally define a method that coincides with the name the compiler has chosen for you . Incidentally, while C# forbids identifiers to contain a < sign, the CLR allows it, and that is why this works . Also, note that while you could access the method via reflection by passing the method name as a string, the C# language specification states that there is no guarantee of how the compiler generates the name . For example, each time you compile the code, the compiler could produce a different name for the method . Using ILDasm .exe, you might also notice that the C# compiler applies the System.Runtime.CompilerServices.CompilerGeneratedAttribute attribute to this method to indicate to various tools and utilities that this method was produced by a compiler as opposed to a programmer . The code to the right of the => operator is then placed in this compiler-generated method . Note When writing a lambda expression, there is no way to apply your own custom attribute to
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As you go through the steps to create or edit a task, you ll encounter the following terms: Trigger Trigger The time at which a task is scheduled to run, or the event in response to which a task is to run . A task can have multiple triggers . Action Action What the task does . Possible actions include starting a program, sending an email message, and displaying a message on screen . A task can have multiple actions, in which case the actions occur sequentially in the order in which you assign them . Condition Condition An additional requirement that, along with the trigger, must be met for the task to run . For example, a condition might stipulate that the task run only if the computer has been idle for ten minutes . Setting Setting A property that affects the behavior of a task . With settings you can do such things as enable a task to be run on demand or set retry parameters to be followed if a task fails to run when triggered .
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Region Navigation service raises the IRegionNavigationService navigated event.
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10 Tips for Enhancing Your Storyboard
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Figure 8-31 Differently scaled gridlines with two existing category axes
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Instance Instance
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extension DLLs. Under Windows 2000, the display looks like the following (depending on the path to your Debugging Tools for Windows directory) for the four default user-mode extensions DLLs (DBGHELP.DLL, EXT.DLL, UEXT.DLL, and NTSDEXTS.DLL): 0:000> .chain Extension DLL search Path: G:\windbg\winext;G:\windbg\pri;G:\windbg\WINXP;G:\windbg; Extension DLL chain: dbghelp: image 6.1.0017.1, API 5.2.6, built Sat Dec 14 15:32:30 2002 [path: G:\windbg\dbghelp.dll] ext: image 6.1.0017.0, API 1.0.0, built Fri Dec 13 01:46:07 2002 [path: G:\windbg\winext\ext.dll] exts: image 6.1.0017.0, API 1.0.0, built Fri Dec 13 01:46:07 2002 [path: G:\windbg\WINXP\exts.dll] uext: image 6.1.0017.0, API 1.0.0, built Fri Dec 13 01:46:08 2002 [path: G:\windbg\winext\uext.dll] ntsdexts: 14:16:20 2002 image 5.2.3692.0, API 1.0.0, built Tue Nov 12
The a-Order.OrderTracking Web service uses WCF standard bindings.
Suppose that you ve tested a product thoroughly and found no errors. Suppose that the product is then changed in one area and you want to be sure that it still passes all the tests it did before the change that the change didn t introduce any new defects. Testing designed to make sure the software hasn t taken a step backwards, or regressed, is called regression testing. One survey of data-processing personnel found that 52% of those surveyed weren t familiar with this concept (Beck and Perkins 1983). That s unfortunate because it s nearly impossible to produce a high-quality software product unless you can systematically retest it after changes have been made. If you run different tests after each change, you have no way of knowing for sure that no new defects have been introduced. Consequently, regression testing must run the same tests each time. Sometimes new tests are added as the product matures, but the old tests are kept too.
c. Create a public property that shares the user s information, and add the Connection-
.NET Framework machine.config contains all .NET settings (ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and so on)
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