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Figure 9-28 Special ports with NAT
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Other Chart Types
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Run the following code to start the trace, filtering events against the Performance database and sending the trace data to the file 'c:\temp\Perfworkload 20060828.trc': DECLARE @dbid AS INT, @traceid AS INT; SET @dbid = DB_ID('Performance');
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One of the first things you might notice about Office Publisher 2007 is that it does not have the same sweeping visual changes that some of the other applications display. Office Publisher 2007 includes the same menu system used in the 2003 version, so if you used Office Publisher previously, you ll still know the basic lay of the land. But appearances can be deceiving. If you look a little closer, you ll see that Office Publisher 2007 includes major changes that simplify powerful procedures, expand your range of choices, and enable you to work smarter by creating reusable data and cutting down on repetitive tasks.
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FIGURE 4-29 Ordered covering nonclustered index scan (execution plan 2)
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The syntax of these statements is explained here:
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across an AppDomain boundary at all! To report this, MethodArgAndReturn throws a SerializationException in the default AppDomain . Since my program doesn t catch this exception, the program just dies .
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Many years ago, when I would ask the question, "Who owns quality " the answer would nearly always be, "The test team owns quality." Today, when I ask this question, the answer is customarily "Everyone owns quality." Although this might be a better answer to some, W. Mark Manduke of SEI has written: "When quality is declared to be everyone's responsibility, no one is truly designated to be responsible for it, and quality issues fade into the chaos of the crisis du jour." He concludes that "when management truly commits to a quality culture, everyone will, indeed, be responsible for quality." [5] A system where everyone truly owns quality requires a culture of quality. Without such a culture, all teams will make sacrifices against quality. Development teams might skip code reviews to save time, program management might cut corners on a specification or fudge a definition of "done," and test teams might change their goals on test pass or coverage rates deep in the product cycle. Despite many efforts to put quality assurance processes in place, it is a common practice among engineering teams to make exceptions in quality practices to meet deadlines or other goals. Although it's certainly important to be flexible to meet ship dates or other deadlines, quality often suffers because of a lack of a true quality owner. Entire test teams might own facets of quality assurance, but they are rarely in the best position to champion or influence the adoption of a quality culture. Senior managers could be the quality champion, but their focus is justly on the business of managing the team, shipping the product, and running a successful business. Although they might have quality goals in mind, they are rarely the champion for a culture of quality. Management leadership teams (typically the organization leaders of Development, Test, and Program Management) bear the weight of quality ownership for most teams. These leaders own and drive the engineering processes for the team and are in the prime organizational position for evaluating, assessing, and implementing quality-based engineering practices. Unfortunately, it seems that quality software and quality software engineering practices are rarely their
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One of the powerful aspects of the ribbon is the flexibility you have to customize it. As with previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you still define the label, icon, and action to take. However, now you also decide where on the ribbon you want the custom action to display and when the action should appear. Finally, you can remove default buttons or override the functionality of a these buttons with custom functionality. Similar to the site map, you need to export the ribbon definition to make changes. When you do so, Microsoft Dynamics CRM exports only the differences from the baseline ribbon definition as XML. Your initial export will look like the XML shown previously in Figure 12-15. The root element of the ribbon XML is the RibbonDiffXml element. Table 12-8 defines the child elements for RibbonDiffXml.
Table 5 5. Qt Mobility APIs and the required Symbian capabilities
es Run New Lead Process Workflow
The advantage of this is that other customizations can add their targets to the list of targets de ned in your property to add other steps to the extensibility targets, like this:
Even if I let the database maintain the DateEntered and DateModified fields, there are still a lot of fields to maintain. Just viewing the fields from a grid would be problematic. Fortunately, other alternatives are available. Figure 9-8 shows a different representation created using a different server control, the Repeater control.
If you do not want to disturb your computer s rest, you might want to stipulate that the task run as soon as possible after the machine awakes. You can do that by selecting Run Task As Soon As Possible After A Scheduled Start Is Missed, on the Settings tab of the New Task dialog box.
In ASP.NET 2.0, the personalization API is composed of two distinct elements the access layer and the storage layer. The access layer provides a strongly typed model to get and set property values and also manages user identities. As you ll see in the next section, personalization data is associated with identities even though anonymous users can still connect and exploit the feature. The access layer guarantees that the data is retrieved and stored on behalf of the currently logged on user.
For answers to basic questions about your operating system and computer, there s no better place to start than the System Control Panel, shown in Figure D-1 on the next page. No matter where you are in Windows or what your preferred input method is, this display is only a few clicks or keystrokes away. You can open System in any of the following ways:
Open the Web.config file. Navigate to the <connectionStrings> node. Add a connection string for the Northwind database. This connection string should read as follows (formatted here to fit on the printed page).
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