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(5-3) TOP This phase lters the speci ed top number or percentage of rows from VT5-2 based on the logical ordering de ned by the ORDER BY clause, generating the table VT5-3. (6) ORDER BY This phase sorts the rows from VT5-3 according to the column list speci ed in the ORDER BY clause, generating the cursor VC6.
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An easy way to remember the essence of storyboarding is to imagine the audience saying to you, Synchronize what you say with what I see.
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figure 1 Enterprise Library the big picture
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Address Obtained from Incorrect Scope
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------------------------------------------------------------Create the Spatial Index on GEOG Column ----------------------------------------------------------CREATE SPATIAL INDEX geog_mmmm_1024_sidx ON Highways(GEOG) USING GEOGRAPHY_GRID WITH ( GRIDS = (MEDIUM, MEDIUM, MEDIUM, MEDIUM), CELLS_PER_OBJECT = 1024, PAD_INDEX = ON ); GO ------------------------------------------------------------Query used to test the Spatial Index on GEOG Column DECLARE @g GEOGRAPHY SET @g = geography::STGeomFromText('POLYGON(( -99 40, -97 40, -97 42, -99 42, -99 40))',4326) SET STATISTICS TIME ON SELECT * FROM Highways WITH(INDEX(geog_mmmm_1024_sidx)) WHERE @g.STIntersects(GEOG)=1 SET STATISTICS TIME OFF GO
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Figure 4-10: Layout of the XML schema for ADO Recordset objects. Creating an XML Recordset object involves four steps: writing the prolog, writing the schema, writing the contents, and, finally, closing all pending nodes. The XmlRecordsetWriter class allows you to create the XML code by controlling each step yourself or by calling one of the WriteRecordset overloads, shown here: public void WriteRecordset(DataTable dt) { WriteStartDocument(); WriteSchema(dt); WriteContent(dt); WriteEndDocument(); } Creating the Recordset-Based Document The WriteStartDocument method writes the root node, named xml, and all of the namespaces the document needs to reference, as follows: public void WriteStartDocument() { Writer.WriteStartDocument(); Writer.WriteComment("Created by XmlRecordsetWriter"); 143
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Iteration is appropriate for many software-development activities. During your initial specification of a system, you work with the user through several versions of requirements until you re sure you agree on them. That s an iterative process. When you build flexibility into your process by building and delivering a system in several increments, that s an iterative process. If you use prototyping to develop several alternative solutions quickly and cheaply before crafting the final product, that s another form of iteration. Iterating on requirements is perhaps as important as any other aspect of the software development process. Projects fail because they commit themselves to a solution before exploring alternatives. Iteration provides a way to learn about a product before you build it. As 28 on managing construction points out, during initial project planning, schedule estimates can vary greatly depending on the estimation technique you use. Using an iterative approach for estimation produces a more accurate estimate than relying on a single technique. Software design is a heuristic process and, like all heuristic processes, is subject to iterative revision and improvement. Software tends to be validated rather than proven, which means that it s tested and developed iteratively until it answers questions correctly. Both high-level and low-level design attempts should be repeated. A first attempt might produce a solution that works, but it s unlikely to produce the best solution. Taking several repeated and different approaches produces insight into the problem that s unlikely with a single approach. The idea of iteration appears again in code tuning. Once the software is operational, you can rewrite small parts of it to greatly improve overall system performance. Many of the attempts at optimization, however, hurt the code more than they help it. It s not an intuitive process, and some techniques that seem likely to make a system smaller and faster actually make it larger and slower. The uncertainty about the effect of any optimization technique creates a need for tuning, measuring, and tuning again. If a bottleneck is critical to system performance, you can tune the code several times, and several of your later attempts may be more successful than your first.
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Add three TextBox and TextArea controls contained in a horizontal-oriented StackPanel to the first row, a Button control to the second row, and an Ellipse control to the third row. In addition, place a TextBlock in the third row to stack on top of the Ellipse control for error-reporting purposes. Name each of the TextBox controls, as well as the Button control and the TextBlock. These additions are shown in the following code: <UserControl x:Class="Ch4_TextBox.MainPage" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" Width="400" Height="300"> <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" > <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition Height="50" /> <RowDefinition Height="50" /> <RowDefinition /> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" HorizontalAlignment="Center"> <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Text="Red:" /> <TextBox x:Name="txtRed" Height="24" Width="50" Margin="5" /> <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Text="Green:" /> <TextBox x:Name="txtGreen" Height="24" Width="50" Margin="5" /> <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Text="Blue:" /> <TextBox x:Name="txtBlue" Height="24" Width="50" Margin="5" /> </StackPanel> <Button x:Name="btnTry" Content="Try Color" Grid.Row="1" Width="100" Height="24" /> <Ellipse x:Name="ellipse" Grid.Row="2" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="5" Margin="20" /> <TextBlock x:Name="lblColor" Grid.Row="2" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" FontSize="20" FontFamily="Arial" FontWeight="Bold" /> </Grid> </UserControl> Now add the Click event to the Button control. Do this in the code behind, as explained earlier in try it out section Declaring an Event in XAML. namespace Ch4_TextBox { public partial class MainPage : UserControl { public MainPage() { InitializeComponent();
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normally encoded as more than one octet (8 bits) in length.
1. Introduction to Microsoft .NET
<profile> <property name="ShoppingCart type="My.Namespace.DataContainer, MyAssem serializeAs="Binary /> </profile>
730 ChAPTER 12
13. Unusual Data Types
The good news is that if Microsoft Dynamics CRM detects a problem with your site map customizations, it will apply a default site map for you! Simply fix the problem and try again.
3. To connect a control that is outside an UpdatePanel to an UpdatePanel, you register
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