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SharePoint automatically calculates the expected ship date. Similarly, you can subtract a constant from a date, as in =[ShipDate]-3. If you want the number of days between two dates, create a calculated column to subtract the two dates; for example:
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Listing 4-9. UDF returning an auxiliary table of numbers
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Part IV
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<select name="ctl00$MainContent$ChoiceDropDownList" id="MainContent_ChoiceDropDownList"> <option value="One">One</option> <option value="Two">Two</option> <option value="Three">Three</option> </select> <input name="ctl00$MainContent$UserNameTextBox" type="text" id="MainContent_ UserNameTextBox" />
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Figure 4-11. By adding a total to a grouped list, you can generate sums for the entire column, for the group, and for the subgroup.
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The Web service s Web.con g le contains the following WCF service con guration.
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(Millenium Edition),
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Encapsulating the data as shown earlier has two disadvantages . First, you have to write more code because you now have to implement additional methods . Second, users of the type must now call methods rather than simply refer to a single field name .
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SET NOCOUNT ON; USE testdb; GO -- Lock info SELECT request_session_id resource_type resource_database_id resource_description resource_associated_entity_id request_mode request_status FROM sys.dm_tran_locks;
Having the capability to choose your operating system at startup is handy if you have a program or device that simply won t work under Windows Vista. When you need to use the legacy program or device, you can boot into your other Windows version without too much fuss. This capability is also useful for software developers, who need to be able to test how their programs work under different operating systems. For experienced Windows users, installing a second copy of Windows Vista in its own partition can also be helpful as a way to experiment with a potentially problematic program or device driver without compromising a working system. After you finish setting up the second, clean version of Windows Vista, you ll see an additional entry on the startup menu that corresponds to your new installation. (The newly installed version is the default menu choice; it runs automatically if 30 seconds pass and you don t make a choice.) Experiment with the program or driver and see how well it works. If, after testing thoroughly, you re satisfied that the program is safe to use, you can add it to the Windows Vista installation you use every day.
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Your rst Key Point headline states that your innovative three-part strategy is simple yet powerfully effective ; the second Key Point headline states that your experienced team will be like an extension of your staff ; and your last Key Point headline states that your clients are so satis ed with their results, they never leave. These three Key Point headlines are clear, concise, and literally to the point(s), giving your audience a sense of coherence and focus as you develop the details of the information to come. It will be relatively easy for working memory to hold on to these most meaningful visual and verbal pieces and integrate the information into long-term memory. Your three Key Point headlines might come easily if you ve been thinking about these issues for a long time and you can simply write them down. Or they might take some work because you re still guring them out and you need to cluster together related ideas in a single main idea. If you re at a loss for words, try an interviewing technique by asking someone to read the Key Point column question out loud to you. Speak your answers out loud as you formulate them, and then type them in the Key Point column cells. It is not always easy to boil down complexity to its essence, but it s critical that you do so to reduce the amount of information you present to the limited capacity of your audience s working memory. You simply cannot show and narrate 100 possibilities; rather the aim is to distill the information to the three most meaningful concepts. Finding the essence is about simplicity rather than simpli cation; it s about raising the cream of your critical thinking to the top, not the uff. If you re still not sure of your answers, draft a placeholder set of Key Point headlines so that you have a place to start. You will want to spend ample time on writing the Key Point headlines because together with the Call to Action headline, they are the most important information you want your audience to remember and apply. As you formulate your Key Point headlines, think of how they will read when you present them in their corresponding sequence of slides. After you create a slide from each of these headlines in 6, you will sketch initial ideas to illustrate each of these headlines, as shown in Figure 5-12. When you imagine your headlines visually as slides like this, you get a better sense of how they will relate to one another as you present them. The goal is to make these three Key Point headlines a neatly coordinated package that ows together from one idea to the next so that it will be easy to illustrate them when you get to your sketches later.
21. Install the Certificate Services component as an enterprise root CA with the
Frequently, an application needs to notify the user that an event has occurred or ask for confirmation before proceeding with an operation. These interactions are often brief interactions designed to simply inform the user of a change in the application or to obtain a simple response. Some of these interactions may appear modal to the user, such as when the UI displays a dialog box or a message box, or they may appear non-modal, such as when the UI displays a toast notification or a pop-up window. There are multiple ways to interact with the user in these cases, but implementing them in an MVVM-based application in a way that preserves a clean separation of concerns can be challenging. For example, in a non-MVVM application, you could use the MessageBox class in the UI s code-behind file to prompt the user for a response. In an MVVM application, this would not be appropriate because it would break the separation of concerns between the view and the view model. In the MVVM pattern, the view model is responsible for initiating an interaction with the user and for consuming and processing any response, while the view is responsible for actually managing the interaction with the user by employing whatever user experience is appropriate. Preserving the separation of concerns between the presentation logic implemented in the view model, and the user experience implemented by the view, helps to improve testability and flexibility.
Free pointers in linked lists in the right order A common problem in working with dynamically allocated linked lists is freeing the first pointer in the list first and then not being able to get to the next pointer in the list. To avoid this problem, make sure that you have a pointer to the next element in a list before you free the current one. Allocate a reserve parachute of memory If your program uses dynamic memory, you need to avoid the problem of suddenly running out of memory, leaving your user and your user s data lost in RAM space. One way to give your program a margin of error is to pre-allocate a memory parachute. Determine how much memory your program needs to save work, clean up, and exit gracefully. Allocate that amount of memory at the beginning of the program as a reserve parachute, and leave it alone. When you run out of memory, free the reserve parachute, clean up, and shut down. Free pointers at the same scoping level as they were allocated Keep allocation and deallocation of pointers symmetric. If you use a pointer within a single scope, call new to allocate and delete to deallocate the pointer within the same scope. If you allocate a pointer inside a routine, deallocate it inside a sister routine. If you allocate a pointer inside an object s constructor,
Create an ASP.NET website by using Visual Studio. From the Website menu, select ASP.NET Configuration. Click the Security tab, and then click Select Authentication Type. Under How Will Your Users Access The Site, select From A Local Network, and then click Done.
Guest Operating System Linux
Use NTFS, le permissions, BitLocker, and EFS Use NTFS for all hard drives and
The value of hands-on experience as compared to book learning is smaller in software development than in many other fields for several reasons. In many other fields, basic knowledge changes slowly enough that someone who graduated from college 10 years after you did probably learned the same basic material that you did. In software development, even basic knowledge changes rapidly. The person who graduated from college 10 years after you did probably learned twice as much about effective programming techniques. Older programmers tend to be viewed with suspicion not just because they might be out of touch with specific technology but because they might never have been exposed to basic programming concepts that became well known after they left school.
If you cache a file, you should configure a dependency for the file so that it is removed from the cache after being modified. This helps ensure that your cache never becomes stale. You might also call the parameter onRemoveCallback to reload the cached item.
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