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To really understand operator overload methods and conversion operator methods, I strongly encourage you to examine the System.Decimal type as a role model . Decimal defines several constructors that allow you to convert objects from various types to a Decimal . It also offers several ToXxx methods that let you convert a Decimal object to another type . Finally, the type defines several conversion operators and operator overload methods as well .
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Note that the DBCC FLUSHPROCINDB command is undocumented.
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Note that it is also possible to remove a delegate from a chain by calling Delegate s public, static Remove method . This is demonstrated toward the end of the ChainDelegateDemo1 method:
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Con guring SBS in Hyper-V
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Data Access
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Inviting Others and Assigning Roles
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Description The message type. The hardware address type, as defined in the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) section of Request for Comments (RFC) 1700 (for exam ple, 0x1 means 10 MB Ethernet). The hardware address length, in octets (for example, 0x6 for a tradi tional 6-byte Ethernet address). The signal that determines whether the message has originated on a remote subnet. Incremented by DHCP relay agents and RFC 1542 compliant routers.
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Even though many unsupported customizations are technically possible to implement, you should carefully consider the risks and rewards of doing so. You should anticipate that your unsupported customizations could possibly break with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 hotfixes and that they probably will break with future versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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To fill a space with an image, you use the XAML ImageBrush. The default behavior will stretch the brush to fit the image to maintain the image s aspect ratio. The following XAML fills the contents of a rectangle with an ImageBrush:
30. On the Additional Files page, click Add.
RubyInline: This is a Ruby library created by Ryan Davis that makes it easy to write C code inline with Ruby code, giving Ruby easy access to high-performance C functions. Character encoding: This describes a system and code that pair characters (whether they re Roman letters, Chinese symbols, Arabic letters, and so on) to a set of numbers that a computer can use to represent those characters. UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format-8): This is a character encoding that can support any character in the Unicode standard. It supports variable-length characters, and is designed to support ASCII coding natively, while also providing the ability to use up to four bytes to represent characters from other character sets.
As you can see, methods that convert an object from one type to another are always named op_Implicit or op_Explicit. You should define an implicit conversion operator only when precision or magnitude isn t lost during a conversion, such as when converting an Int32 to a Rational. However, you should define an explicit conversion operator if precision or magnitude is lost during the conversion, as when converting a Rational object to an Int32. 163
Microsoft offers a digital signing technology, called Authenticode, that can be used to guarantee that an executable item comes from the publisher it says it comes from and that it has not been changed, deliberately or otherwise, since it left the publisher s hands. The digital signature verifies each bit of the signed file by comparing it to a hash value; if even a single bit of the file has changed, the comparison fails and the signature is invalid. Windows Vista blocks installation of any code that has an invalid signature by definition, this indicates that the program file is corrupt (possibly because it was damaged during downloading) or that it has been tampered with.
Figure 3-12. Subtree cost
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