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Figure 2-16. Saving employees.sql
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Migrating from Windows Small Business Server 2003
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Hardware Requirements
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Using Task Manager to show the PID
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This formula starts with an IF statement that evaluates if the Caps column displays an error, using the ISERROR function (this error is represented by #VALUE!). If it does, the formula uses the REPLACE function to insert TopWear at the first position in the string. If it doesn t, it inserts FabWear into the first position of the string. Figure 5-5 shows the results of this formula.
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DECLARE @input GEOGRAPHY = 'POINT (-147 61)'; DECLARE @start FLOAT = 1000; WITH NearestNeighbor AS( SELECT TOP 10 WITH TIES *, b.GEOG.STDistance(@input) AS dist FROM Nums n JOIN GeoNames b WITH(INDEX(geog_hhhh_16_sidx)) -- index hint ON b.GEOG.STDistance(@input) < @start*POWER(CAST(2 AS FLOAT),n.n) AND b.GEOG.STDistance(@input) >= CASE WHEN n = 1 THEN 0 ELSE @start*POWER(CAST(2 AS FLOAT),n.n-1) END WHERE n <= 20 ORDER BY n ) SELECT TOP 10 geonameid, name, feature_code, admin1_code, dist FROM NearestNeighbor ORDER BY n, dist;
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Use a chart, graph, or diagram. You can sketch a chart, graph, or diagram on a single slide or across three Explanation or Detail slides, depending on what your headlines say. The bottom-row Detail slides in Figure 7-24 feature sketches of charts to illustrate single headlines.
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using System; using System.Reflection; // Define two interfaces for testing internal interface IBookRetailer : IDisposable { void Purchase(); void ApplyDiscount(); } internal interface IMusicRetailer { void Purchase(); }
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4 Data and Document Management
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x.HasValue, x.Value); y.HasValue, y.GetValueOrDefault());
IgnoreCase DeclaredOnly Instance Static Public NonPublic FlattenHierarchy
New Configuration Sections
internal sealed class SimpleWaitLock : IDisposable { private AutoResetEvent m_ResourceFree = new AutoResetEvent(true); // Initially free public void Enter() { // Block efficiently in the kernel for the resource to be free, then return m_ResourceFree.WaitOne(); } public void Leave() { m_ResourceFree.Set();// Mark the resource as Free } public void Dispose() { m_ResourceFree.Dispose(); } }
dwMilliseconds ,
Groups Allowed Access To This Terminal Server page, it s useful to add the Windows SBS Remote Web Workplace Users group, as shown in Figure 17-6.
Figure 6-21 How to clearly document your custom number formats
ers on behalf of the requesting client and attempts to fully resolve an FQDN. Queries continue through iteration until the server receives an authoritative answer for the que ried name. The server then forwards this answer back to the original requesting client. When the Disable Recursion option is enabled, however, the DNS Server service does not answer the query for the client but instead provides the client with referrals, which are resource records that allow a DNS client to perform iterative queries to resolve an FQDN. This option might be appropriate, for example, when clients need to resolve Internet names but the local DNS server contains resource records only for the private namespace. Another case in which recursion might be disabled is when, because of its configuration or placement within a local network, a DNS server is incapable of resolv ing DNS names external to the local network.
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