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namespace System.Web.Configuration { public sealed class HttpRuntimeSection: ConfigurationSection { // Constructors public HttpRuntimeSection(); public HttpRuntimeSection(bool allowDefinition, bool allowOverride); // Properties public int AppRequestQueueLimit public bool Enable public bool EnableKernelOutputCache public bool EnableVersionHeader public TimeSpan IdleTimeOut public TimeSpan ExecutionTimeout public int MaxRequestLength public int MinFreeThreads public int MinLocalRequestFreeThreads public bool UseFullyQualifiedRedirectUrl public int RequestLengthDiskThreshold // Methods public override XmlNode GetRawXml(); public override void UpdateRawXml(XmlNode } }
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Now that we ve introduced distance-based proximity tests and buffers, let s perform some proximity tests using both methods . First, let s do a proximity test to determine which points intersect a buffered polygon around Area1:
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12 Solutions: Client Extensions
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Spyware definitions don t update properly
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Naming conventions refer to many elements within a project, simply because almost all of a project s elements have names: the project itself, files, classes, variables, methods, method parameters, database tables, database columns, and so on. Without some discipline when naming all those elements, after a week of coding you won t understand a single line of what you ve written. When developing HatShop, we followed a set of naming conventions that are popular among PHP developers. Some of the most important rules are summarized here and in the following piece of code: class WarZone { public $mSomeSoldier; private $_mSomeOtherSoldier; function SearchAndDestroy($someEnemy, $someOtherEnemy) { $master_of_war = 'Soldier'; $this->mSomeSoldier = $someEnemy; $this->_mSomeOtherSoldier = $someOtherEnemy; } } Class names and method names should be written using Pascal casing (uppercase letters for the first letter in every word), such as in WarZone or IsDataValid. Public class attribute names follow the same rules as class names but should be prepended with the character m . So, valid public attribute names look like this: $mSomeSoldier. Private class attribute names follow the same rules as public class attribute names, except they re also prepended with an underscore, such as in $_mSomeOtherSoldier.
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Before you assign integrated shapes to your drawing objects using Drawing Tools, you should have completed your preparatory work by doing the following .
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2. Which Windows component should you install if you want to set up DHCP, DNS, and WINS a. Management And Monitoring Tools b. Networking Services c. Other File And Print Services
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In terms of framework classes, Web Parts are nested in zones, which are managed by a singular WebPartManager (or the ProxyPartManager) that talks to the application data store . Figure 13-1 illustrates how the parts are related .
Adding Assemblies to a Project Using the Visual Studio .NET IDE
The Component Specification
1. In the console tree of the Internet Authentication Service snap-in, click Remote Access Logging. 2. In the details pane, double-click SQL Server. 3. On the Settings tab, select one or more check boxes for recording authentication and accounting requests in the IAS log files:
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SELECT DATEADD(day, DATEDIFF(day, '19000101', -- last day of year DATEADD(year, DATEDIFF(year, '18991231', SYSDATETIME()), '18991231') ) /7*7, '19000101');
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