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Of course, you can play with the tiebreakers you're using in any way you like. For example, here's the query that will return the most recent order for each employee, using MAX(RequiredDate), MAX(OrderID) as the tiebreaker: SELECT EmployeeID, CAST(SUBSTRING(binstr, 1, 8) AS DATETIME) AS CAST(SUBSTRING(binstr, 9, 8) AS DATETIME) AS CAST(SUBSTRING(binstr, 17, 4) AS INT) AS CAST(SUBSTRING(binstr, 21, 10) AS NCHAR(5)) AS FROM (SELECT EmployeeID, MAX(CAST(OrderDate AS BINARY(8)) + CAST(RequiredDate AS BINARY(8)) + CAST(OrderID AS BINARY(4)) + CAST(CustomerID AS BINARY(10)) ) AS binstr FROM dbo.Orders GROUP BY EmployeeID) AS D;
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PART I VPN Technology
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Interfaces Tab
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FIGURE 13-4 The successful installation is declared.
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16 Service Broker
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Core Facilities
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D. Incorrect: The Init method is applicable to HTTP modules that implement IHttpModule
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SQL Server computes the MAX aggregate in the outer query SELECT c1 FROM dbo.T1 GROUP BY c1 , although it is syntactically located in the inner one. The algebrizer makes this decision based on the aggregate's argument. The bottom line is that every aggregate needs to be bound to its hosting querythe place where it is correctly evaluated. This is known as aggregate binding.
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Set spool folders for individual printers
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5 . . You should be able to see a list of requests . You can see individual requests and the request details, as shown in the following graphic, by clicking the View Details link .
Explicitly confirms the intention to hide an inherited member of the same name. This behavior is not available in Java but is the default behavior applied to members in C#. Despite being the default behavior, the compiler will raise warnings if the new keyword is not used. Note that this should not be confused with the word new used in the context of object instantiation.
Figure 10-17. Enter your database access parameters on the Database Setup screen.
E. Incorrect: This account does not have a password. Any password set on the
creating illustrations can be used at any level of the storyboard, depending on what your headlines say. Here are some of the techniques you can use to sketch the Detail slides: Use photos, screen captures, or other graphics. As in the previous levels, sketch photographs for your Detail slides such as a book cover photo, as on the lower-left slide in Figure 7-23, or a screen capture such as a Web page, as on the lower-right slide. If a photo alone doesn t work, you might include additional informational elements that you will add to the photo such as the arrows on the globe on the upper-right slide.
Figure 5-27. The Private Messaging screen displays the Administrator interface for receiving messages.
SelectCountCommand UpdateCommand, UpdateParameters
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook adds a CRM Fields button. If you click this button, you will see any additional CRM fields that do not appear on the Outlook form, including custom fields that you created. The task and contact forms in Outlook do not include the CRM Fields button.
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At some stage during role installation you can choose which role services to configure.
To dispel what probably is the most widespread myth involving table variables, let me state that they do have physical representation in tempdb, very similar to temporary tables .
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