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5 Solutions Overview and Concepts
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Feature-Oriented Integration
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Figure 2-8 select it.
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Optional Boolean. Indicates whether, to be embedded or published correctly, the le depends on another le. Optional string. The name of the le that was created by any le generator that was run on this item. Optional string. The namespace in which any le generator that runs on this item should create code.
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ASP.NET provides a set of controls, classes, and management tools for authenticating users with web forms and storing user information in a database. These controls allow you to track, manage, and authenticate users without creating your own schema, relying on the Active Directory user database, or managing users by other means. Prior to version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework, custom user authentication required creation from scratch of many complex components, such as user database schemas, logon pages, password management pages, and user administration. Creating these components yourself is timeconsuming and risky to your application s security. ASP.NET helps you minimize this risk.
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Figure 14-5: The sample page now shows filtered data from the Customers table. The XML data has been carried using a hidden field. Note Another key technique you can use to refresh the page using clientside data leverages DHTML. Although this approach can be effective and powerful, it doesn't combine well with managed code. DHTML refers to the page object model and is designed for scripting. The page object model is exposed as a suite of COM objects, and driving it from within managed code is certainly possible but not particularly easy.
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Producing an Online Presentation
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Adding Graphics to the Call to Action and Key Point Slides
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Visual Basic Example of a Complicated Test Moved Into a Boolean Function, With New Intermediate Variables To Make the Test Clearer Page 381 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 4:49 PM
Qt Quick takes a radically different approach to user interface development than you ve seen previously in C++ with Qt. More like HTML than C++, Qt Quick uses QML, a JavaScript-like language to define your user interface. QML is a declarative language instead of writing imperative statements that do things, you write declarations of your user interface objects. While at the top level both environments are inherently objectoriented, how you work at the level of individual statements is very different. In C++ with Qt, we might draw a new rectangle using pseudocode like this:
Working with the SharePoint data in Excel is similar to working with an Excel list that s been previously published in SharePoint. You don t have to be online to edit the SharePoint list data, even while online users are working with the SharePoint list. You can edit the list and add rows (records), then save the workbook locally until you re back on the network and ready to synchronize your offline data with the SharePoint list. If you have a group of users who need to update the same data set, a SharePoint list allows each user to export and work with the data independently and simultaneously. As you ll see, SharePoint manages any conflicts that occur when two or more users make different changes to the same data element. Many users prefer to work with their SharePoint lists offline in Excel: Managers: During budget crunch time when they re finalizing line items and many users need to update different rows in the same list Sales people: Logging sales leads and customer information on the road instead of waiting until they return to the office Developers: Recording actions taken to resolve items in an Issues log Information workers: Editing lists during peak hours on a slow network Frequent flyers and other travelers: Working with list data when they don t have access to their corporate SharePoint site
Shares and Permissions
The NavigationService Object
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