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for Outlook detects the connection state and goes online or offline automatically. For example, disconnecting a laptop from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server will automatically put Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook into offline mode. When Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook detects a connection with the CRM server again, it will go online again automatically.
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16. Database Connectivity
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If you'd like to see more information and statistics about files you're opening, start ILDASM with the /ADV command line option. This turns on advanced display information and appends three new items to the View menu: COR Header lets you view the file header information. Statistics lets you see various statistics concerning size percentages and a breakdown of all metadata in the system. MetaInfo contains a submenu that lets you select specific information to view. Choose the Show! submenu item (or press Ctrl+M) to see that information, which is displayed in a separate MetaInfo window. If you don't select any of the specific information, when you select Show!, you'll see a raw dump of the metadata. If you have source code available for a particular module, you'll certainly want to turn on Show Source Lines on the View menu. Alternatively, you can specify the /SOURCE command line option. When you specify source line display, the disassembly shows the source lines as comments above the MSIL generated for them. To see all the commandline options, specify / on the command line. I use a batch file that contains the following to start instances of ILDASM with the options I want: ildasm /adv /source %1 To see the actual MSIL for a particular item, simply double-click on that item and another window will pop up. Depending on what you double-clicked, you'll see the disassembly, declaration information, or general information for the item. If the window looks like the one in Figure 6-10, you're ready to start learning MSIL. One nice little feature of ILDASM is that it supports drag-and-drop functionality, so you can easily jump between modules.
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C# public class Questionnaire : INotifyPropertyChanged { private string favoriteColor; public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged; ... public string FavoriteColor { get { return this.favoriteColor; } set { if (value != this.favoriteColor) { this.favoriteColor = value; if (this.PropertyChanged != null) { this.PropertyChanged(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs("FavoriteColor")); } } } } }
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DNS
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B. Correct: Setting the Text property to an asterisk places the asterisk next to the control, and
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Figure 8-15: Stopwatch model generated by Spec Explorer. Testers can also explore and test the model directly, create scenarios to extract "slices" from the full model, or continue to change dozens of other permutations of the model. By using the model, testers can develop testing strategies and model key scenarios (especially when they become more apparent upon viewing the graphical representation of the model). In the model configuration file, testers can specify a strategy for the test suite. One example of a Spec Explorer strategy is in Listing 8-6. Listing 8-6: Short Tests Strategy for Stopwatch
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You have two ways to go about sketching your slides either on a computer or on paper. By far, the best way to sketch ideas for your slides is using a Tablet PC, because it allows you to draw directly on the PowerPoint slides and easily edit and erase the ink. There is tremendous value to having your sketches in electronic format, because you have a record of what you did that you can immediately e-mail to others to review. If you use a Tablet PC, you can also connect your computer to a data projector and project your PowerPoint storyboard on a screen as you sketch ideas with your team this is a particularly powerful way to tap into the collective visual intelligence of the group, and into the visual creativity that is likely lying dormant within your coworkers. If you have a Tablet PC, to start sketching your storyboard, open a slide in Normal view, click the Review tab on the Ribbon, and in the Ink group, select Start Inking. The Pens tab that appears gives you options for types of pens, colors, and weights. Read the headline, and think of the simplest way you can illustrate it. Now place the Tablet PC stylus on the screen below the headline (or use your nger or ngernail if you have a Tablet PC with a touch screen), and draw your illustration directly in the slide area as you would with a regular pen and paper, as shown in Figure 6-10. The Tablet PC lets you create your sketches using electronic ink, which you can easily erase, recolor, resize, copy, and paste.
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In this case, the parentheses help readability and the program s correctness the compiler wouldn t have interpreted the first code fragment this way. When in doubt, parenthesize.
Part IV
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The task local initialization delegate (localInit) is invoked once for each task participating in the work . This delegate is invoked before the task is asked to process a work item . The body delegate (body) is invoked once for each item being processed by the various threads participating in the work . The task local finally delegate (localFinally) is invoked once for each task participating in the work . This delegate is invoked after the task has processed all the work items that will be dispatched to it . It is even invoked if the body delegate code experiences an unhandled exception .
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The notifier component sends a message that indicates a successful execu tion of the script to the quarantine-compatible remote access server. You can use your own notifier component, or you can use Rqc.exe, which is pro vided with the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. If you use Rqc.exe, run it from the script with the correct parameters, including the script version.
Interfaces are great because they define a standard way for types to communicate with each other. However, this flexibility comes at the cost of compile time type safety because most interface methods accept parameters of type System. Object or return a value whose type is System.Object. Look at the very common IComparable interface:
Relax A programmer was ready for a ski trip. His product was ready to ship, he was already late, and he had only one more defect to correct. He changed the source file and checked it into version control. He didn t recompile the program and didn t verify that the change was correct.
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