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Obviously, the single line of text and multiple lines of text fields take up the most space, so exercise caution when adding these to your CRM data. For example, if you were to add 25 custom single line of text fields with a length of 100 characters each, you would be using 5,000 bytes (25 100 2) of the 8,060 bytes available (62 percent). If you add 25 custom two option fields, you use only 25 bytes (25 1) of the 8,060 available (0.3 percent). Microsoft Dynamics CRM also does not enforce the row byte limit at the column level. Therefore, you can add two custom multiple line of text fields, each with a length of 4,000 characters. This would calculate out to 16,000 bytes total ((4,000 2) + (4,000 2)), which obviously violates the 8,060-byte SQL Server recommended maximum. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows this because SQL Server enforces the byte limit for each individual row (record), not for the entire table. Therefore, if you added a record and populated the two multiple lines of text fields with 4,000 characters each, SQL Server 2008 would automatically manage the 8,060-byte overflow for you and you wouldn t receive an error message. However, we recommend that you try to prevent this scenario from occurring frequently because it might negatively affect database performance.
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Disaster can take many forms, from the self-in icted pain of a user or administrator doing something really, really unwise, to the uncontrollable, unpreventable results of a natural disaster such as a ood or an earthquake. In any case, your business will depend on how well you were prepared for the disaster, and how well you and your team respond to it and recover from it. This chapter covers emergency preparedness. It discusses creating a disaster recovery plan, with standardized procedures to follow in the event of a catastrophe. It also describes how to prepare for a disaster so that if (or when) one happens, you have the tools to recover. We ll also cover some of the specialized, and in some ways easier, recovery scenarios that virtualization uses.
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// Returns true if type matches filter criteria private static Boolean TypeFilter(Type t, Object filterCriteria) { // Return true if the interface is defined in assembly identified by filterCriteria return t.Assembly == filterCriteria; } }
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Implementing the Presentation Tier
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Figure 7-30. New Custom Action interface.
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Completed IRPs are extracted from the thread pool using a first-in-first-out (FIFO) algorithm .
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In the console tree, expand Computer Con guration, expand Policies, expand Administrative Templates, expand System, and then select Group Policy, as shown in Figure 20-11.
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Consider a feature that is common across different sites you ve developed; try to think of a feature that does not involve a specific, existing control. Use this feature to develop a new custom web server control that inherits from the WebControl class.
The New Notebook Wizard asks you where you will use the notebook and where you want the notebook to be stored before creating the notebook. After you click Create, the new notebook is displayed. Several tabs are added by default as section placeholders, and tips and suggestions are displayed in the notes area.
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