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[Flags, Serializable] public enum AttributeTargets { Assembly = 0x0001, Module = 0x0002, Class = 0x0004, Struct = 0x0008, Enum = 0x0010, Constructor = 0x0020, Method = 0x0040, Property = 0x0080, Field = 0x0100, Event = 0x0200, Interface = 0x0400, Parameter = 0x0800, Delegate = 0x1000, ReturnValue = 0x2000, GenericParameter = 0x4000, All = Assembly | Module | Class | Struct | Enum | Constructor | Method | Property | Field | Event | Interface | Parameter | Delegate | ReturnValue | GenericParameter }
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Try to keep the total number of GPOs as low as possible. The processing of each
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Method to Zero and Free Buffer
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Partitioned views and partitioned tables have several signi cant differences. Data De nition Language (DDL) differences and the need to manage more objects with partitioned views are obvious all participating tables must have coordinated constraints and primary keys. Less obvious is the fact that all partitions of a partitioned table must reside in the same database, while in the case of partitioned views the participating tables may reside not only in different databases but also on different servers and on separate machines. Probably the least-known discrepancies are in query compilation, optimization, and execution. During query compilation and optimization, each branch of a partitioned view is processed separately. This is required because the tables may reside in different databases and they may have different statistics and indexes. Therefore, each branch may have a different query plan as well. While this may be advantageous in some cases, in most cases the compilation cost is too high, especially when the number of partitions is large. A partitioned view with dozens of partitions takes signi cantly longer to compile and optimize compared to similar partitioned tables. When SQL Server is compiling a query with a partitioned table, SQL Server knows the table is partitioned and that each partition has exactly the same attributes, including indexes and statistics, as the rest of the partitions. Therefore, the compilation is performed only once, and the same plan is used for all partitions of the table. Partitioned tables and indexes are supported only in the SQL Server Enterprise and Developer editions. Partitioned views are available in all editions. The rest of this chapter concerns partitioned tables and indexes.
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can be a member server or a domain controller.
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USE tempdb; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.V1', 'V') IS NOT NULL DROP VIEW dbo.V1; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.T1', 'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.T1;
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BoundField field = new BoundField(); field.DataField = companyname"; field.HeaderText = Company Name"; grid.ColumnFields.Add(field);
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Click New and then click Finish when the task has completed. As with all other commands in the Exchange Management Console, you can save the Windows PowerShell script that was executed to complete the command on the Completion page before you close the wizard. Click New E-mail Address Policy in the Actions pane to open the New E-mail Address Policy Wizard shown in Figure 18-20.
20 Exceptions and State Management
6 The Silverlight Browser Object
There are a few changes in relation to the table that represents the chart basis . It s rather marginal that the column headers in cells M11 and N11 are different . However, the formulas used for these are the same as those from variant 1 (see Figure 7-18) .
ActionLink BeginForm CheckBox DropDownList Editor Hidden Label ListBox Password RadioButton RenderAction
Separating system and program files from personal data makes it easier to upgrade to a new version of the operating system (or a different operating system).
Solution A great number of things could be preventing the connection. Here are a few of the most common solutions: A program will generally connect to MySQL through TCP/IP protocol via a port number. Make sure the port number is configured properly. The default port for MySQL is 3306. Try using instead of localhost for the URL in your accessing program (e.g., PHP). On several systems there is a bug that prevents localhost from resolving to the MySQL server. At the time of this writing, on Yahoo hosted servers, you need to use mysql instead of localhost for the MySQL address. On Linux, a program can also connect to MySQL through a UNIX socket file on the file system. Make sure the filename for connection is correct. The default socket is /tmp/mysql.sock. Also make sure the file exists, as some job executions empty the \tmp directory and the socket file may have been deleted. Make sure your accessing program supports the correct MySQL password authentication system. MySQL 4 has a completely different and incompatible password system from MySQL 5. When the accessing program addresses the MySQL database with the wrong system, it will get a Can t connect error rather than an invalid password error. See the Setting MySQL 5 to Use the 4.1 Password Method section to resolve the interaction when a MySQL 4 accessing program attempts to access a MySQL 5 server.
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