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We become authorities and experts in the practical and scientific spheres by so many separate acts and hours of work. If a person keeps faithfully busy each hour of the working day, he can count on waking up some morning to find himself one of the competent ones of his generation. William James
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Figure 7-5
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tions. If you have extended partitions on your disks for some reason, you can create logical drives on the partition using DiskPart.exe. However, you no longer have a graphical way to create an extended partition or a logical drive, nor any real need to do so. With Windows Small Business Server 2008 providing full support for GPT disks, the old limit of a maximum of four partitions on a disk is gone GPT disks in Windows Server 2008 support 128 partitions. If you have any existing MBR disks that include an extended partition because you moved a disk from another computer to your SBS computer, we suggest you remove the existing extended partition and convert the disk to GPT.
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You cannot set default values for parameters marked with either the ref or out keywords because there is no way to pass a meaningful default value for these parameters .
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Figure 2-17. The Database Configuration screen lets you set up Joomla for interaction with the MySQL database.
To delete a node, you simply ignore it while reading the document. For example, the following code removes a <User> node in which the name attribute matches a specified string: while(rw.Read()) { switch(rw.NodeType) { case XmlNodeType.Element: if ("User" == rw.Reader.LocalName) { // Skip if name matches string userName = rw.Reader.GetAttribute("name"); if (userName == name) break; } // Write in the output file if no match has been found 159
B. Create a code-behind file for your user control that contains a class that inherits
This setting enables UIAccess applications such as Remote Assistance to request the disabling of secure desktop prompting. When the UIAccess application is complete, the secure desktop prompting is automatically enabled, thus removing the necessity for the end user to allow the desktop admin elevation access. (See Figure 4-11.) As discussed earlier in this chapter, this is a convenient setting for those enterprises that rely on Remote Assistance to provide end user desktop help desk support. By default this setting is disabled.
Understanding Sharing and Security Models in Windows Vista
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