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Introducing a new or revised Web site. You can capture screen shots of a Web site as it displays in a Web browser. This is useful if you have a new Web site or intranet site that you want to introduce to potential users. You can take screen shots of the Web site and explain what its features are used for. Step-by-Step: Capturing Screen Images The following procedure describes the step-by-step process for capturing still images from your computer screen. 1. Do one of the following to start the Capture Wizard: On the Import or Capture Audio and Video page of the New Presentation Wizard, click Capture. On the Tools menu, click Capture. 2. On the Capture Video, Audio, or Still Images page, select Still images from screen. Click Next. 3. Do one of the following in the Capture Wizard: To capture an image of an area of the screen, click Select Region. Your cursor changes to look like crosshairs. Use the crosshairs to click and drag a box to specify the area of the screen you want to capture. Drag the Capture icon over the area of the screen you want to capture as shown in Figure 8.7. You can resize the capture window to adjust the area you want to capture.
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I can t call it passing in a reference to a List<DateTime> object since a reference conversion doesn t exist between the DateTime value type and Object even though DateTime is derived from Object . You solve this problem by declaring ProcessCollection as follows:
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The nal piece of infrastructure that needs to be in place before you create a build de nition is a drop folder for the build agent to drop the build logs, build outputs, and test results into. Because a Team Build environment may have multiple build agents, the drop folder is typically located on a separate network share that all the build agents use. This means that developers, testers, etc. can access the drops from a single central location. The drop folder is typically a share on a le server of some description but it could just as easily be a Network Attached Storage device or some other shared storage device. There are only a few requirements for the drop folder:
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round robin A simple mechanism used by DNS servers to share and distribute loads for network resources. Round robin is used to rotate the order of resource records (RRs) returned in a response to a query when multiple RRs of the same type exist for a queried DNS domain name. router Hardware that helps local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) achieve interoperability and connectivity and that can link LANs that have different network topologies (such as Ethernet and Token Ring). Routers match packet headers to a LAN segment and choose the best path for the packet, opti mizing network performance. routing The process of forwarding a packet through an internetwork from a source host to a destination host on different local area networks. Routing Information Protocol (RIP) An industry standard, distance vector routing protocol used in small-sized to medium-sized IP and Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) internetworks. routing protocol Any of several protocols that enable the exchange of routing table information between routers. Typically, medium-sized to large-sized TCP/IP internetworks implement routing protocols to simplify the administration of routing tables. Run As A feature that provides users with a secondary logon capability. By using Run As, users can run applications or commands in a different security context without having to log off. Run As prompts the user for different credentials before running the application or command. scavenging The process of cleaning and removing extinct or outdated names data from the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) database. schema The set of definitions for the universe of objects that can be stored in a directory. For each object class, the schema defines which attributes an instance of the class must have, which additional attributes it can have, and which other object classes can be its parent object class. scope A range of IP addresses that are available to be leased or assigned to DHCP clients by the DHCP service. secondary zone A read-only copy of a DNS zone that is transferred from an author itative DNS server to another DNS server to provide redundancy. second-level domain A DNS domain name that is rooted hierarchically at the sec ond tier of the domain namespace, directly beneath the top-level domain names. Top-level domain names include .com and .org. When DNS is used on the Internet, second-level domains are usually names that are registered and delegated to individual organizations and businesses.
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Figure 4-5 UAC prompt indicating that the application requiring administrative access is from an explicitly blocked or untrusted publisher.
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Depending on the situation, persistence can be either an asset or a liability. Like most value-laden concepts, it s identified by different words depending on whether you think it s a good quality or a bad one. If you want to identify persistence as a bad quality, you say it s stubbornness or pigheadedness. If you want it to be a good quality, you call it tenacity or perseverance. Most of the time, persistence in software development is pigheadedness it has little value. Persistence when you re stuck on a piece of new code is hardly ever a virtue. Try redesigning the class, try an alternative coding approach, or try coming back to it later. When one approach isn t working, that s a good time to try an alternative (Pirsig 1974).
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Essentially, the reason for the failure is that T-SQL doesn't support qualifying a column name with a table variable name. Moreover, T-SQL doesn't allow you to alias the target table directly; rather, it requires you to do so via a second FROM clause like so: DELETE FROM MyOD FROM @MyOD AS MyOD WHERE EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.[Order Details] AS OD WHERE OD.OrderID = MyOD.OrderID AND OD.ProductID = MyOD.ProductID);
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FIGURE 6-14 Query plan for islands, solution 1
Remember that names matter more to the reader of the code than to the writer Read code of your own that you haven t seen for at least six months and notice where you have to work to understand what the names mean. Resolve to change the practices that cause confusion.
You set up an ASP.NET application for Forms authentication by tweaking its root web.config file. You enter the following script:
. 1 . . Start Visual Studio and click File, New Project . Go to the Windows application templates and select WPF Browser Application . Name the Application XBAPORama, as shown here:
of MSCorLib .dll that matches the version of the CLR itself . Also, only a single version of MSCorLib .dll is ever loaded into a CLR instance . In other words, different versions of MSCorLib .dll never load side by side (as described in 3) . As a result, you won t have any type version mismatches, and your application will require less memory .
SUM([Column1], [Column2],[Column3])
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