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Figure 10-23
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Note Which programming interface should you use to access the contents of a DataSet or a DataTable Using the DataTableReader is the fastest way to scroll through the rows of a table, but it s a read-only interface and doesn t provide for random movements over rows. The Rows and Columns collections allow full access.
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8: Time to Get the Data
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Primitive Thread Synchronization Constructs
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Finally, you can choose to unlink your offline Excel list from the SharePoint list. You can t undo this choice, and if you unlink the list, you won t be able to synchronize the list with SharePoint in the future. If you want to retain the changes you made in Excel without handling any conflicts perhaps so you can examine the list in SharePoint click Cancel rather than unlinking the list. Note that the first user is never asked to deal with a data conflict. It s the second user s changes that create the conflict. If a number of people are working with offline copies of the same SharePoint list and editing the same rows, it s a good strategy to synchronize frequently. The longer you wait to synchronize, the greater the possibility that another user has already synchronized a change to a list element you also edited. If you re at the end of a project or process and won t be using the offline Excel data for a while, you can delete the worksheet or workbook. It s easy enough to create another, fresh offline Excel data set when you need to work with it in the future. If you ve added other calculations in Excel, though, you might not want to discard the worksheet or workbook casually. The next time you open the workbook, begin by synchronizing so you start with the current data from SharePoint. If you begin with old data, you increase the potential for conflicts when you synchronize.
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Figure 2-6 The page shown in the browser was created using two interrelated masters one for the main structure (header, footer, toolbar, and body) and one for the details (subtitle and menu) of the toolbar.
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2. Answer the following questions in the spaces provided: a. What are the names of the five DHCP messages Write them in sequence, as indicated by the contents of the description field for each frame.
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Page 7
This chapter covers treatment of specialized data structures called graphs, trees, and hierarchies in Microsoft SQL Server using T-SQL. Of the three, probably the most commonly used among T-SQL programmers is hierarchy, and this term is sometimes used even when the data structure involved is not really a hierarchy. I'll start with a terminology section describing each data structure to clear the confusion. Treatment (representation, maintenance, and manipulation) of graphs, trees, and hierarchies in an RDBMS is far from trivial. I'll discuss two main approaches, one based on iterative/recursive logic, and another based on materializing extra information in the database that describes the data structure. Interestingly, even though these data structures have been and still are commonly implemented in relational database management systems (RDBMSs), support for recursive queries was only introduced in the standard ANSI SQL:1999. SQL Server 2005 for the first time adopted to some extent the ANSI SQL:1999 recursive querying extensions in T-SQL. In this chapter, I'll cover solutions that use the new recursive queries in SQL Server 2005, as well as solutions that are applicable in earlier versions of SQL Server.
DECLARE @Result AS TABLE(groupid VARCHAR(10), product BIGINT); DECLARE @groupid AS VARCHAR(10), @prvgroupid AS VARCHAR(10), @val AS INT, @product AS BIGINT; DECLARE C CURSOR FAST_FORWARD FOR SELECT groupid, val FROM dbo.Groups ORDER BY groupid;
[Bindable(true), Category("Appearance"), DefaultValue("")] override public String Text { get { return (String) ViewState["Text"]; } set { ViewState["Text"] = value; } }
As soon as you click the OK button in the Choose Toolbox Items dialog box, the new ServerControl1 will appear in the Toolbox . To make it easier to find the control, right-click the Toolbox and click Sort Items Alphabetically . Here is the ServerControl1 as it appears in the Toolbox:
More Information
SQL Server 2005 provides a TOP option for data modification statements (INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE).
trail indicating where the user is in the Web page hierarchy and shows a path back to the top node (kind of like a trail of breadcrumbs) . The SiteMapPath is most useful in sites that maintain a very deep hierarchy for which a Menu or a TreeView control would be overwhelmed . Although the SiteMapPath control is like the Menu and the TreeView controls (the SiteMapPath control reflects the state of the SiteMap object), it does deserve special attention . The SiteMapPath control and the site map data in the provider are tightly coupled . For example, if you leave a page out of your site map and the user somehow ends up on the page (perhaps through some other navigation method), the user will not see the SiteMapPath control on the page . (For this reason, in many cases you find the control embedded in a master page .) Figure 11-3 shows the SiteMapPath control in action . The Menu underneath the SiteMapPath shown in the figure is there so that the user can navigate the page in detail . (The user would not be able to descend the hierarchy without a Menu or a TreeView.)
parsed into an Int32 object . The System.Globalization.NumberStyles parameter, style, is a set of bit flags that identify characters that Parse should expect to find in the string . And the IFormatProvider parameter, provider, identifies an object that the Parse method can use to obtain culture-specific information, as discussed earlier in this chapter . For example, the following code causes Parse to throw a System.FormatException because the string being parsed contains a leading space:
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