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Note: You will often see the ServiceLocator being used to resolve instances of types instead of the specific dependency injection container. The ServiceLocator is implemented by calling the container; therefore, it is a good choice for container-agnostic code. You can also directly reference and use the container instead of using the Service Locator. Implementing the InitializeShell Method After you create a shell, you may need to run initialization steps to ensure that the shell is ready to be displayed. Depending on whether you are writing a WPF or Silverlight application, the InitializeShell method implementations will vary. For Silverlight applications, you set the shell as the application s visual root, as shown in the following example.
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Lesson 1: Configuring Globalization and Localization
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Using Server Controls
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Working with site navigation
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Part V
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5 Solutions Overview and Concepts
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// x doesn t have to be initialized. // Displays "10"
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We ll conclude the chapter by looking at the new health monitoring API, which is a diagnostic tool for ASP.NET.
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Conversion Operator Methods
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UNPIVOT's third and final step (U3) is to filter out rows with NULLs in the result value column (num_custs, in our case). The virtual table returned from this step in our example is shown in Table 1-21.
25 Thread Basics
some of TOP s newer features. SET ROWCOUNT accepted a variable as input, and it affected both data modi cation statements and SELECT statements. Microsoft no longer recommends SET ROWCOUNT as a way to affect INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements in fact, SET ROWCOUNT enters a deprecation process, and in the next planned release of SQL Server (SQL Server 11), it will not affect data modi cation statements at all. Use TOP to limit the number of rows affected by data modi cation statements.
Syracuse office intranet
worksheet in the \Samples\0501_Graphics01.xlsx file .
Indirect and Parameterized Access
Configuring a Custom Site-Level Error Page
Configuring Advanced DNS Server Properties
In the Tasks pane, click Start The Fax Service. In the next dialog box (Figure 13-11), you re advised that the fax service is started but not con gured. Click Yes to start the con guration process.
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