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The view contains a very small number of rows (around a couple of thousands) compared to the number of rows in the table (a million). The leaf of the index contains only about 10 pages. Hence,
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Per-Row Triggers
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Message Type
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Lesson 1
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Modeling Tips
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What s New in Data Access
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20. The Software-Quality Landscape
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Perform this procedure for each domain system container, as appropriate.
The GridView Object Model
1. Open the Active Directory Users And Computers administrative tool. 2. In the console tree under the example.com domain, right-click Users, point to New, and then click User. 3. In the New Object User dialog box, type DialUser in the First Name text box, type DialUser in the User Logon Name text box, and click Next. 4. In the New Object User dialog box, type a password of your choice in the Password and Confirm Password text boxes. Clear the User Must Change Password At Next Logon check box, select the Password Never Expires check box, and click Next. 5. In the New Object User dialog box, click Finish.
However, the JavaScript language still lacks basic object-oriented concepts found in modern programming languages. It also lacks a standard framework for developers to program against. The Microsoft AJAX Library was written (in JavaScript) to provide these constructs. This library, combined with the AJAX server controls, and the support for Visual Studio IntelliSense for JavaScript makes building AJAX-enabled applications more approachable. This lesson covers the basics of client scripting with JavaScript. It then introduces the Microsoft AJAX Library and shows how you can use this library to add client-side functionality to your server controls.
While the explicitness in this code is an improvement, in the case of thread synchronization locks, the recommendation now is to not use them with exception handling at all . See 29, Hybrid Thread Synchronization Constructs, for more details about this . If, in your code, you have determined that state has already been corrupted beyond repair, then you should destroy any corrupted state so that it can cause no additional harm . Then, restart your application so your state initializes itself to a good condition and hopefully, the state corruption will not happen again . Since managed state cannot leak outside of an AppDomain, you can destroy any corrupted state that lives within an AppDomain by unloading the entire AppDomain by calling AppDomain s Unload method (see 22 for details) . And, if you feel that your state is so bad that the whole process should be terminated, then you can call Environment s static FailFast method:
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