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A good mnemonic name generally speaks to the problem rather than the solution. A good name tends to express the what more than the how. In general, if a name refers to some aspect of computing rather than to the problem, it s a how rather than a what. Avoid such a name in favor of a name that refers to the problem itself. A record of employee data could be called inputRec or employeeData. inputRec is a computer term that refers to computing ideas input and record. employeeData refers to the problem domain rather than the computing universe. Similarly, for a bit field indicating printer status, bitFlag is a more computerish name than printerReady. In an accounting application, calcVal is more computerish than sum.
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For convenience, the DateTime type offers three overloads of the Parse method:
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Figure 3-9 The weather Web part has been moved to the Miscellaneous zone and inherits the title and verb local attributes.
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fbChain = (Feedback) Delegate.Remove(fbChain, new Feedback(FeedbackToMsgBox)); // fbChain refers to a chain with one delegate. // Invoke the chain: one method is called. if (fbChain != null) fbChain(null, 0, 10); fbChain = (Feedback) Delegate.Remove(fbChain, new Feedback(FeedbackToConsole)); // fbChain refers to a chain of 0 delegates. (fbChain is null.) // Invoke the chain: 0 methods are called. if (fbChain != null) fbChain(null, 0, 10); // Now you see why I ve been comparing fbChain to null all this time!
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6. Type Rqs_setup /install and press Enter. Rqs.exe is installed on VPN1. If prompted to replace files, click Yes. 7. When Rqs.exe has finished installing, close the Command Prompt screen, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and click Services. 8. Right-click Remote Access Quarantine Agent (as shown in Figure 7-25), and click Start.
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Burning Custom CDs or DVDs
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Part I Overview and Configuration
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Troubleshooting facilities, including event logging, Windows or RADIUS
How the Runtime Resolves Type References
Following is a list of company personnel who were interviewed, and their statements:
Creating a diagram of the network can quickly show which devices you need and where they should be located, as shown in Figure 3-3.
be applied to derived classes and overriding methods when applied on the base class . The following code demonstrates what it means for an attribute to be inherited:
database connection.
AnEvent .ctor Finalize add_AnEvent get_AProperty get_Item op_Addition op_Equality op_Inequality remove_AnEvent set_AProperty set_Item
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