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bRet = FALSE ; } break ; case DLL_PROCESS_DETACH : // Check to see whether this process has any items in the // notification array. If it does, remove them to avoid // leaving orphaned items. if ( 0 != g_iThisProcessItems ) { DWORD dwProcID = GetCurrentProcessId ( ) ; // I don't need to grab the mutex here because only a // single thread will ever call with the // DLL_PROCESS_DETACH reason. // Loop through and take a gander. for ( INT_PTR i = 0 ; i < TOTAL_NOTIFY_SLOTS ; i++ ) { if dwProcID ) { #ifdef _DEBUG TCHAR szBuff[ 50 ] ; wsprintf ( szBuff , _T("DLL_PROCESS_DETACH #%d\n"), i ) ; TRACE ( szBuff ) ; #endif // Get rid of it. RemoveNotifyTitle ( (HANDLE)i ) ; } } } // Close the mutex handle. #ifdef _DEBUG bCHRet = #endif 589 removing : ( g_shared_NotifyData[i].dwOwnerPID ==
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FIGURE 2-8 When you show more information than working memory can handle, audience members
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var factory = new LogWriterFactory( ); var myLogger = factory.Create( ); myLogger.Write( );
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Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET
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The Pareto Principle
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3. By default, how long do logged events last in DHCP server logs a. One day b. One week c. One month d. Until the log grows beyond 1 MB
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Table 7-2. Administrator Modules Included with the Joomla Default Install Module
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Architectural requirements refer to the infrastructure needs that must be present for the system to achieve the desired business goal. A multitude of factors are involved in determining these requirements, such as the technologists experience with similar systems, operational constraints, existing physical infrastructure, and application services needed across multiple systems (cross-cutting concerns). These requirements are useful in performing a gap analysis of infrastructure features when selecting a product or set of products on which to build enterprise applications. It s the architect s job to then make the build vs. buy decisions. A set of general architectural requirements can be listed from the general application requirements previously outlined and the experience gained while building similar systems. Data management and persistence: Data must be easy to store, retrieve, search, and modify. Data integrity shouldn t be compromised in the face of multiple sources attempting to modify the same data. Maintainability and extensibility: The system must be easy to maintain and extend. Pieces of functionality should be easily added or removed, or turned on or off, depending on the operational characteristics applicable to a specific deployment. Security: Data must be stored and retrieved in a secure and efficient fashion. Users of the system must have access to functionality according to their roles or security levels. Scalability and reliability: Multiple users should be able to interact with the system. The performance characteristics of the system shouldn t change dramatically with an increase in the concurrent user base. Personalization and customization: The user interface should have a customizable look and feel, allowing for branding and dynamic changes based on the identity of the user. Document and content management: The system should provide the ability to manage the variety of documents used and also allow for the manipulation, classification, editing, and transformation of document-based information. Administration: The system should provide a framework to easily add management capabilities to individual components. Administrative functions should be relatively easy to create and customize. Messaging: Asynchronous communication facilities are expected to be required between certain subsystems. The architecture must provide a messaging framework or the ability to seamlessly integrate one. Integration with legacy and external resources: The system should facilitate the acquisition of data from external and legacy sources, as well as the ability to publish data to external entities in an industry-standard fashion. Figure 1-2 diagrams the architectural requirements.
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2 Using Expression Blend with Silverlight
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When the validation type is set to Auto, the reader first attempts to locate a DTD declaration in the document. The DTD validation always takes precedence over other validation types. If a DTD is found, the document is validated accordingly. Otherwise, the reader looks for an XSD, either referenced or inline. If no XSD is found, the reader makes a final attempt to find a referenced or an in-line XDR schema. If a schema is still not found, a nonvalidating reader is created. If more than one validation schema is specified in the document, only the first occurrence, in accordance with the order just discussed, is taken into account. Detecting the Actual Validation Type When the ValidationType property is set to Auto, you know at the end of the process whether the semantics of your XML document are valid. But valid against which schema The Auto mode forces the parser to make various attempts until a validation schema type is found in the source code whether it be DTD, XSD, or XDR. Is there a way to know what type of validation the parser is actually performing when working in Auto mode The validating reader class provides no help on this point, but with a bit of creativity you can easily identify the information you need. This information is not directly exposed, but it is right under your nose and can be inferred from the node type and the schema type without too much effort. If the parser detects a node of type DocumentType, it can only be validating against a DTD. By definition, the DOCTYPE node must appear outside the information set (infoset). If no DOCTYPE node is found, check whether the SchemaType property evaluates to an XmlSchemaType object. This can happen only if an XML Schema Object Model (SOM) has been created, and hence only if XSD validation is taking place. The XmlSchemaType object has even more in store. By checking the contents of the SourceUri property, you can also determine whether the schema is in-line or a reference. If the schema is in-line, the SourceUri property matches the URI of the XML 69
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Page 46 Making Eye Contact with the Camera When the presenter maintains continued eye contact with the camera, he or she can help to increase the effectiveness of the presentation. Again, thinking back to events you have seen on television, consider how many speakers look directly into the camera reporters, politicians, news anchors, and so on. This can help to increase the believability and sincerity of the message delivered in the presentation. Maintaining eye contact with the camera is like looking into the audience s eyes as if you were speaking to each person in the audience individually, face-to-face. Typically in conversation, it is considered good practice to look into people s eyes when speaking to them. Using this common practice in your Microsoft Producer presentations can help to keep your audience s attention. Avoiding Space Fillers Like many of the issues discussed in this section, using space fillers when speaking is something that is quite common in everyday conversation. Consequently, these space fillers are often used when a presenter is speaking. In English, space fillers are words or sounds that serve as a crutch when we are not comfortable with a silent pause. Common space fillers are: Ummm, Erhh, Like, Usually, Actually, and so forth. Some speakers may use a nervous laugh to fill uncomfortable pauses. At times, the speaker may seem uncomfortable with moments of silence because he or she might feel like there needs to be some kind of narration throughout the presentation. Space fillers do not add anything to the presentation, and in the end, can also be distracting when repeated throughout a presentation. As the presenter practices the presentation, he or she should be aware of these space fillers. The speaker should identify them and try to become comfortable with pausing as he or she switches topics or thoughts. If you videotape the speaker giving the presentation, you can always edit out pauses that are too long, but editing out vocalized space fillers can be tough. Sticking to a Clear Agenda One of the most detrimental problems that can arise in a presentation is when the speaker seems to be wandering from topic to topic, with no clear direction or sense of purpose. When this occurs, the presentation becomes less effective. By presenting the ideas in a clear and concise manner, your audience will be more likely to believe in what the speaker is discussing in the presentation. For example, if an organization is presenting a new corporate plan or vision, and the presenter seems to move from one goal to another without clearly explaining each part of the plan, the audience watching the presentation might question the practicality of or commitment to the new vision.
TABLE 12-1
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etwork speeds are measured in either kilobits per second (Kbps) or megabits per second (Mbps), whereas download speed and hard disks are rated
Other kinds of collaboration haven t accumulated the body of empirical support that inspections or pair programming have, so they re covered in less depth here. The kinds covered in this section include walkthroughs, code reading, and dogand-pony shows.
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