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Compose QRCode in visual C#.net Used to return a webpage from an action method. Used to send a section of a view to be rendered

Graphs, Trees, Hierarchies, and Recursive Queries
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Description A URI reference Base64-encoded binary data Boolean values A byte that is, an 8bit signed integer Date based on the Gregorian calendar An instant in time Decimal number with arbitrary precision Double-precision floating number An interval of time List of XML 1.0 entities An XML 1.0 entity Single-precision floating number
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Techniques for Validation
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Figure 9-2. The PayPal payment page
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base server. MySQL is notorious for providing unhelpful error messages. No matter what the problem, you will likely get a simple message that essentially states, Cannot connect to MySQL. If you have a connection problem, take a look at the next chapter, where the solutions to a number of common MySQL problems are presented.
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Consuming a WCF Service in an ASP.NET Page
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To capture authentication requests, access-accept packets, and accessreject packets, select the Authentication Requests check box.
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How It Works: The Hashing Functionality
Sets access permission for the share; after the comma, type Read, Change, or Full Sets the maximum number of concurrent users Lets the maximum number of users connect to the share at one time Adds or changes a comment that appears in Details view in Windows Explorer
Many web hosts provide the online cPanel utility (see Figure 3-29). This cPanel or Control Panel (depending on the installation) can perform a variety of functions, from executing installation scripts (for applications including Joomla, MySQL, Gallery2, etc.) to file management. For setting permissions, the File Manager in cPanel can move, delete, edit, rename, and copy files or folders. Most important for our purposes here, you can use cPanel to change the permissions on files and folders.
Important The IsDefined method is very convenient, but you must use it with caution . First,
Core Facilities
Practice 1 Find some ASP.NET code that matches code deployed on a development server. Deploy the remote debugging tool to the development server. Run the remote debugging tool from the server. Use Visual Studio to open the code, attach to the running server process, and step into code based on a request. Practice 2 Find (or write) some code that contains client-side JavaScript. You can find appropriate code on this book s CD (in the samples for s 7 and 8. Open the code in Visual Studio. Run the webpage in a browser. Configure Internet Explorer to allow script debugging. Use Visual Studio to connect to the browser s process and step into the client-side code.
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