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Set operations compare complete rows between the two inputs. UNION returns one result set with the rows from both inputs. If the ALL option is not specified, UNION removes duplicate rows from the result set. EXCEPT returns distinct rows that appear in the left input but not in the right. INTERSECT returns the distinct rows that appear in both inputs. There's much more to say about these set operations, but here I'd just like to focus on the logical processing steps involved in a set operation. An ORDER BY clause is not allowed in the individual queries. You are allowed to specify an ORDER BY clause at the end of the query, but it will apply to the result of the set operation. In terms of logical processing, each input query is first processed separately with all its relevant phases. The set operation is then applied, and if an ORDER BY clause is specified, it is applied to the result set. Take the following query, which generates the output shown in Table 1-24, as an example: SELECT 'O' AS letter, customerid, orderid FROM dbo.Orders WHERE customerid LIKE '%O%' UNION ALL SELECT 'S' AS letter, customerid, orderid FROM dbo.Orders WHERE customerid LIKE '%S%' ORDER BY letter, customerid, orderid;
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An application s state (object graph) can easily be saved in a disk file or database and then restored the next time the application is run . ASP .NET saves and restores session state by way of serialization and deserialization . A set of objects can easily be copied to the system s clipboard and then pasted into the same or another application . In fact, Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) use this . A set of objects can be cloned and set aside as a backup while a user manipulates the main set of objects . A set of objects can easily be sent over the network to a process running on another machine . The Microsoft .NET Framework s remoting architecture serializes and deserializes objects that are marshaled by value . It is also used to send objects across AppDomain boundaries, as discussed in 22, CLR Hosting and AppDomains .
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Lesson Summary
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Lessons in this :
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Microsoft Corporation. Windows Server 2003 online help. Redmond, Washington. Review Viewing Details About the Active IPSec Policy and IPSec Statistics in IP Secu rity, Kerberos Policy, and Security Configuration Manager Tools. Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Guide. Redmond, Washington. Review Internet Protocol Security, available on the Microsoft Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/default.asp url=/technet/prodtechnol /windowsserver2003/proddocs/standard/sag_IPSECtopnode.asp3.4. Objective 3.4 Review Lesson 3 of 11, Managing Network Security.
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forwarders, zones, roots, and resource records
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The uncompressed data is 1900 bytes long in Base64 The compressed data is 45 bytes long in Base64 In this example, two new methods have been added to the Base64 module that use zlib to compress the data before converting it to Base64, and then to uncompress the data after converting it back from Base64. In this way, you ve received significant space savings. Read the zlib section in this chapter for more information about zlib s operation.
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Further Information section.
public class MetadataExample : Task { [Required] public ITaskItem[] ServerList { get; set; }
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If the project s XML Documentation File option has been enabled (as shown in Figure 12-1) then when the project is compiled an XML le containing the XML documentation will be produced. By default, this le will have the same name as the assembly but with an XML extension; however in C# projects this lename can be customized.
To implement the PasswordHasher class, follow these steps: 1. Add the following line at the end of the include/config.php file. This defines a random value (feel free to change it) to add to the passwords before hashing them. // Random value used for hashing define('HASH_PREFIX', 'K1-');
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