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Native CPU instructions (remaining members) ...
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Troubleshooting Windows Errors
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NGen d files can get out of sync When the CLR loads an NGen d file, it compares a number of characteristics about the previously compiled code and the current execution environment . If any of the characteristics don t match, the NGen d file cannot be used, and the normal JIT compiler process is used instead . Here is a partial list of characteristics that must match:
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Nested Inclusions
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Constructing a Thread object is a relatively lightweight operation because it does not actually create a physical operating system thread . To actually create the operating system thread and have it start executing the callback method, you must call Thread s Start method, passing into it the object (state) that you want passed as the callback method s argument . The following code demonstrates how to create a dedicated thread and have it call a method asynchronously:
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A Visual Studio web site is nothing more than a group of files and folders in a folder. There is no project file. Instead, the site simply contains all the files under the specific folder, including all text files, images, and other file types. A Visual Studio wsite is compiled dynamically at runtime. An assembly will not be created, and you won t have a bin directory. The following are some advantages of using a Visual Studio web site: You don t need a project file or virtual directory for the site. The site can easily be deployed or shared by simply copying the folder containing the site.
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Part I Fundamentals
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Figure 12-7 MBSA provides you a summary report after the scan is complete.
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From an aesthetic point of view, this looks a little ragged compared to the first approach. It is also difficult to maintain as routine names changes, argument names change, and so on. Most programmers tend to gravitate toward the first style over time.
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Figure 8-5 The Contacts folder collects data in a simple tabbed dialog box. If you hae multiple e-mail addresses for a contact, be sure to select the one you want Windows Mail to use, and then click Set Preferred.
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You will notice that the new form that you create will be an exact copy, including any components you have added, of the default form for that entity. If the form you are creating should more closely match a custom form that you have created for that entity, you also can make a copy of the form. This functionality can save a lot of time when creating a number of forms that closely resemble each other.
There are several advantages to integrating your DNS zone with Active Directory. First,
For our next hypothetical scenario, our organization has implemented a data warehouse that includes an Employee dimension table . The dimension has been implemented as a Type 1 slowly changing dimension . This means that each time data is uploaded, the rows in the dimension table have been replaced by the incoming data . It has been decided that we need to move to a Type 2 slowly changing dimension . This requires versioned rows to be stored in the dimension table when changes to the data occur . To accomplish this, we need the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process to identify rows that have changed . We will no longer extract all rows from the source if it can be avoided . Instead, we need to retrieve a rowset containing details of insertions, deletions, and updates . Change data capture should meet all these needs . To begin our scenario, we ll create a test database and table to work with by executing the following commands:
reports. This will help save time and standardize your reports by having an example with the formatting already in place.
The pointer variables are read-only and exist only for the scope of the fixed statement block. As soon as execution leaves the fixed statement block, all objects become unfixed and are subject to normal garbage collection.
Tony Northrup
Figure 4-4
using System; namespace Wintellect.HostSDK { public interface IAddIn { String DoSomething(Int32 x); } }
Windows Installation
In this practice, you create a site that uses resource files for different languages.
Completing the Getting Started Tasks
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