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USE InsideTSQL2008; CREATE INDEX CNUsage_cn ON dbo.CNUsage(cn); GO
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Trails for the Mind
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skins These are files with .skin extensions that contain common property settings for buttons, labels, text boxes, and other controls. Skin files resemble control markups but contain only the properties you want to define as part of the theme to be applied across pages. Cascading style sheets
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The Relational Model
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Part II:
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In this example, the Import01.proj imports the Import01.targets le; the import statement has been highlighted here. This is a simpli ed view of how managed projects are built. With managed projects, the project le that is generated by Visual Studio de nes all the properties and items to be built, and an imported le de nes how to build those values. So in this example, Imports01.proj (project le) represents the project le created by Visual Studio and the Import01.targets (targets le) represents the build le that is imported by those generated projects, based on the language this le changes. Back to the example,
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'customer.php'; 'i_pipeline_section.php'; 'ps_dummy.php'; 'order_processor.php';
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Some applications store information about arrays and lists of numbers in the form of character strings with separated lists of values. I won t get into a discussion here regarding whether such representation of data is really appropriate. Instead, I ll address a certain need involving such representation. Sometimes you don t have control over the design of certain systems, and you need to provide solutions to requests using the existing design. The request at hand involves sorting such lists, but based on the numeric values of the elements and not by their character representation. For example, consider the lists 13,41,17 and 13,41,3 . If you sort the lists based on the character representation of the elements, the former would be returned before the latter because the character 1 is considered smaller than the character 3 . You want the second string to sort before the rst because the number 3 is smaller than the number 17. A special case of the problem is sorting IP addresses represented as character strings. In this special case you have an assurance that each string always has exactly four elements, and the length of each element never exceeds three digits. I ll rst cover this special case and then discuss the more generic one. Run the following code to create the IPs table and populate it with some sample IP addresses:
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Exam Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-32
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Installing the DNS Server Service
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Important The two op_Explicit methods take the same parameter, a Rational. However, the methods differ by their return value, an Int32 and a Single. This is an example of two methods that differ only by their return type. The CLR fully supports the ability for a type to define multiple methods that differ only by return type. However, very few languages expose this ability. As you re probably aware, C++, C#, Visual Basic, and Java are all examples of languages that don t support the definition of multiple methods that differ only by their return type. A few languages (such as IL assembly language) allow the developer to explicitly select which of these methods to call. Of course, IL assembly language programmers shouldn t take advantage of this ability because the methods they define can t be callable from other programming languages. Even though C# doesn t expose this ability to the C# programmer, the compiler does take advantage of this ability internally when a type defines conversion operator methods. C# has full support for conversion operators. When it detects code where you re using an object of one type and an object of a different type is expected, the compiler searches for an implicit conversion operator method capable of performing the conversion and generates code to call that method. If an implicit conversion operator method exists, the compiler emits a call to it in the resulting IL code. If the compiler sees source code that is explicitly casting an object from one type to another type, the compiler searches for an implicit or explicit conversion operator method. If one exists, the compiler emits the call to the method. If the compiler can t find an appropriate conversion operator method, it issues an error and doesn t compile the code. To really understand operator overload methods and conversion operator methods, I strongly encourage you to use the System.Decimal type as a role model. Decimal defines several constructors that allow you to convert objects from various types to a Decimal. It also offers several ToXxx methods that let you convert a Decimal object to another type. Finally, the type defines several conversion operators and operator overload methods as well.
Sketching Your Storyboard
Open your website in Visual Studio. In Solution Explorer, right-click your website project file and select Add New Item to open the Add New Item dialog box. In the Add New Item dialog box, select the Global Application Class item, and then click Add to add the file to your project.
Practice: Deploying Remote Access
Internally, Object s MemberwiseClone method allocates memory for a new object. The new object s type matches the type of the object referred to by the this reference. MemberwiseClone then iterates through all the instance fields for the type (and its base types) and copies the bits from the original object to the new object. Note that no constructor is called for the new object its state will simply match that of the original object. Alternatively, you can implement the Clone method entirely yourself, and you don t have to call Object s MemberwiseClone method. Here s an example:
Method/Property Description The default number of concurrent connections allowed DefaultNonPersistentConnectionLimit to an HTTP/1.0 server, currently set to 4. The default number of concurrent connections allowed DefaultPersistentConnectionLimit to an HTTP/1.1 server, currently set to 2. Gets or sets the default number of connections that will DefaultConnectionLimit be set for new instances of ServicePoint. Specifies the number of milliseconds that a MaxServicePointIdleTime ServicePoint can remain disconnected from the server before being considered expired. The maximum number of ServicePoint instances MaxServicePoints allowed. The default value (0) indicates that there is no limit. Setting a limit will cause an exception to be thrown if the limit is exceeded by requests to new servers. Returns the ServicePoint associated with a URI. New FindServicePoint() instances will be created as required.
On the Web Services Con guration page, select the services that you want to be available when your existing SBS server is back online. Click Next twice more and then click Finish to complete the wizard. Click Close when the CEICW nishes.
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Part III Processes
Create a backup schedule. In the How Often Do You Want to Create a Backup section, choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly backups. Change the default day, date, or time if necessary.
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