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Encoding QR in visual C#.net Lesson 1: Working with User Profiles

In this exercise, you create a superscope that includes the existing scope Test Scope. You then add a second scope to the superscope. 1. JIf you have not already done so, from Computer1, log on to Domain1 as Administrator. 2. Open the DHCP console. 3. JIn the DHCP console tree, right-click the Computer1.domain1.local icon, and then select New Superscope. The New Superscope Wizard launches.
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The Windows Components page shows all installable Windows Server 2003 compo nents. These components are the same ones that can be chosen in the Windows Setup Wizard during Windows Server 2003 installation.
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To use an inline SQL statement, you must specify the appropriate CommandType value, as shown here.
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Implementing the Data Tier
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Configure a Shared Folder
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Appendix A
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3 . . Start debugging by pressing the F5 key . You can also debug by clicking Debug, .Start Debugging on the main menu . If debugging is not turned on in the web .config file, Visual Studio will ask you before it sets the debugging attribute . Visual Studio will start running the site . When it comes to your breakpoints, Visual Studio will stop execution and highlight the current line in yellow in the window, as shown here:
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Permissions and user rights are different creatures, though easily mistaken for one
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1 . Inherit from the WebControl class. 2. Create a composite control. 3. You should inherit directly from the CheckBox class.
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SQL Server 2008 supports a row versioning technology that allows it to maintain older images (versions) of rows that resulted from committed transactions by using linked lists in tempdb . A source row can point to a linked list in tempdb, potentially containing multiple consistent versions of the row that were available in previous points in time, from newest to oldest . The row versioning technology supports different aspects of the product, including two isolation levels, which I ll describe here; constructing the inserted and deleted tables in triggers, as described in the previous chapter; online index operations; and multiple active result sets (MARS) . The two isolation levels that rely on row versioning are snapshot and read committed snapshot . In both isolation levels, a process does not request shared locks when reading data and is never in conflict with other processes modifying data . When reading data, if a requested row is locked, SQL Server uses the row versioning store to return an older consistent state of the row . Both of the snapshot-related isolation levels provide an optimistic concurrency model . In both row versioning based isolation levels, the read consistency problems described earlier a query reads the same row multiple times or skips rows cannot happen . The following sections describe the two isolation levels .
at a command prompt.
In addition to instance constructors, the CLR also supports type constructors (also known as static constructors, class constructors, or type initializers) . A type constructor can be applied to interfaces (although C# doesn t allow this), reference types, and value types . Just as instance constructors are used to set the initial state of an instance of a type, type constructors are used to set the initial state of a type . By default, types don t have a type constructor defined within them . If a type has a type constructor, it can have no more than one . In addition, type constructors never have parameters . In C#, here s how to define a reference type and a value type that have type constructors:
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C# s limitations with respect to indexers brings up the following two questions:
File size PE header size PE additional info Num.of PE sections CLR header size CLR meta-data size CLR additional info CLR method headers Managed code Data Unaccounted Num.of PE sections .text - 1024 .rsrc - 1536 .reloc - 512 CLR meta-data size Module TypeDef TypeRef MethodDef MemberRef ParamDef CustomAttributeAssembly AssemblyRef Strings Blobs UserStrings Guids Uncategorized : 3584 : 512 (496 used) : 1415 : 3 : 72 : 612 : 0 : 2 : 18 : 2048 : -1095 : 3 (14.29%) (39.48%) ( 2.01%) (17.08%) ( 0.00%) ( 0.06%) ( 0.50%) (57.14%) (-30.55%)
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