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<asp:UpdateProgress ID="UpdateProgress1" runat="server"> <ProgressTemplate> <div style="margin-top: 20px; font-size: larger; color: Green"> Processing, please wait ... </div> </ProgressTemplate> </asp:UpdateProgress>
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3 Working with Web Parts
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14 Chars, Strings, and Working with Text
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Figure 9-6: An application that passes some data to a DataTable object and then persists it to XML. So much for DataTable objects. Let's see what you can do to serialize to XML the contents of an in-memory, possibly filtered, view. Inside the DataView Object The DataView class represents a customized view of a DataTable object. The relationship between DataTable and DataView objects is governed by the rules of a well-known design pattern: the document/view model. According to this model, the DataTable object acts as the document, and the DataView object acts as the view. At any moment, you can have multiple, different views of the same underlying data. More important, you can manage each view as an independent object with its own set of properties, methods, and events. The view is implemented by maintaining a separate array with the indexes of the original rows that match the criteria set on the view. By default, the table view is unfiltered and contains all the records included in the table. By configuring the RowFilter and RowStateFilter properties, you can narrow the set of rows that fit into a particular view. Using the Sort property, you can apply a sort expression to the rows in the view. Figure 9-7 illustrates the internal architecture of the DataView object.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Private Shared s_defaultModel As New MetaModel Public Shared ReadOnly Property DefaultModel() As MetaModel Get Return s_defaultModel End Get End Property
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Figure 1-24 The default is simple results in a few steps
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The various WHEN clauses of the MERGE statement support specifying the AND operator followed by an additional predicate. In the case of the WHEN MATCHED clause, you can specify WHEN MATCHED AND <predicate> THEN <action>. Only when both the original ON predicate and the additional predicate following the AND operator are TRUE does the action following the THEN clause take place. Here s an example of where this capability might be handy. Consider again the task to update existing customers and add new ones. You want to update a target customer row only if at least one of the nonkey attributes in the source row is different. If the source and target rows are identical, you don t want to apply the update. Avoiding an update in such a case would improve performance and also prevent triggers from including the rows in the inserted and deleted tables. Following is the revised MERGE statement including the additional predicate that ensures that at least one nonkey attribute is different to apply the UPDATE action: code to generate barcode 128
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Other .Data-Bound .Controls
For the most part, the flags in Table 20 6 are mutually exclusive you must pick one and only one when calling InvokeMember. However, you can specify both GetField and GetProperty, in which case InvokeMember searches for a matching field first and then for a matching property if it doesn t find a matching field. Likewise, SetField and SetProperty can both be specified and are matched the same way. The binder uses these flags to narrow down the set of possible matches. If you specify the BindingFlags.CreateInstance flag, the binder knows that it can select only a constructor method. Important With what I ve told you so far, it would seem that reflection makes it easy to bind to a nonpublic member and invoke the member, allowing application code a way to access private members that a compiler would normally prohibit the code from accessing. However, reflection uses code access security to ensure that its power isn t abused or 421
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To configure the test lab for EAP testing, configure IAS1 with a computer certificate and for EAP authentication.
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