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Appendix D
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There is often a requirement to reuse build customizations across build de nitions. You may have separate build de nitions for different versions of your product and want to use the same customizations in each of these build de nitions.
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and then the thread will terminate . The Main thread waits for the Worker thread to terminate by calling Join, and then the Main thread returns, causing the whole process to terminate . Looks simple enough, right Well, the program has a potential problem due to all the optimizations that could happen to it . You see, when the Worker method is compiled, the compiler sees that s_stopWorker is either true or false, and it also sees that this value never changes inside the Worker method itself . So the compiler could produce code that checks s_stopWorker first . If s_stopWorker is true, then Worker: stopped when x=0 will be displayed . If s_stopWorker is false, then the compiler produces code that enters an infinite loop that increments x forever . You see, the optimizations cause the loop to run very fast because checking s_stopWorker only occurs once before the loop; it does not get checked with each iteration of the loop . If you actually want to see this in action, put this code in a .cs file and compile the code using C# s /platform:x86 and /optimize+ switches . Then run the resulting EXE file, and you ll see that the program runs forever . Note that you have to compile for x86 ensuring that the x86 JIT compiler is used at runtime . The x86 JIT compiler is more mature than the x64 or IA64 JIT compilers, so it performs more aggressive optimizations . The other JIT compilers do not perform this particular optimization, and therefore the program runs to completion with these other JIT compilers . This highlights another interesting point about all of this . Whether your program behaves as expected depends on a lot of factors, such as which compiler version and compiler switches are used, which JIT compiler is used, and which CPU your code is running on . In addition, to see the program above run forever, you must not run the program under a debugger because the debugger causes the JIT compiler to produce unoptimized code that is easier to step through . Let s look at another example, which has two threads that are both accessing two fields:
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Table 3-1. Ant Command-Line Options
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searches, we re interested in showing the more relevant matches first. Remember that we gave higher priority to matches from the product titles, so everything is set. The tsearch2 engine offers the rank function that can be used for ordering the results. The default order is to show the lower ranking matches first, so you ll also need to use the DESC option of ORDER BY to put the better matches at the top. The following query performs a ranked any-words search for yankee war : SELECT FROM WHERE ORDER BY rank(search_vector, to_tsquery('yankee | war')) as rank, product_id, name product search_vector @@ to_tsquery('yankee | war') rank DESC;
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is true is called universal quanti cation. Although there s an x in For every x in the domain of discourse, P(x) is true, the truth value of the sentence doesn t depend on a value of x. In fact, you can t even plug in a value of x. Universal quanti cation is one of three important ways to create a proposition from an open sentence. Another is existential quanti cation, preceding the proposition with There exists at least one value of x in the domain of discourse for which. The following quanti ed statement is true: There exists at least one real number x for which x < 3. A third way to create a proposition out of an open sentence is to provide a speci c value for the variable. If P(x) is the statement x<3, then P(2.5) is the statement 2.5<3 , and is true. P(8), however, is false.
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B. Incorrect: Skin files should not include the ID attribute. The ID attribute is reserved for
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VPN_NewYork user account created on ROUTER1, confirm the password, and click Next. 13. On the Completing The Demand-Dial Interface Wizard page, click Finish.
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c. Incorrect: The ASPX page is not language specific, and thus would not need to be rewritten
To modify the style, click the H1 node in the CSS outline page and select Style in the Properties pane . Click the ellipsis button ( ) to open the Modify Style dialog box, shown in the following graphic, and change the size and weight of the font (or any other aspects) . Then, click OK .
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The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. What is a weakness of RIP authentication
A blue, horizontal line with three data points (of which only the point in the middle is a symbol) represents data that has been collected or measured . We ll call this process data . A red, vertical line crosses the blue line in the data point in the middle . It represents a visual alert ( attention, this point is important ) and alternatively or also a value range (bandwidth) within which the crossed data point of the blue line can, may, should, or must lie . The blue line may have different shapes, and the red one can have different lengths and vertical positions . If you press F9, you can generate new data . Two variants are available:
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