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Note Mobile Express users do not have the ability to view multiple forms. If users security roles
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event-based pattern is used, mocks based on a custom class that implements the methods to add and remove handlers for the service events are usually preferred. The following code example shows a test for the appropriate behavior on the successful completion of an asynchronous operation notified in the UI thread using mocks for services. In this example, the test code captures the callback supplied by the view model when it makes the asynchronous service call. The test then simulates the completion of that call later in the test by invoking the callback. This approach allows you to test a component that uses an asynchronous service without the complexity of making your tests asynchronous.
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The following code also runs correctly if there are no appointments to iterate over. However, this code is slightly more difficult to write and understand:
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Description Select this option to add a previously installed ActiveX control as a snap-in, with the Details pane showing the output of the control . The list of available controls includes all installed ActiveX controls, not just those visible within Internet Explorer . Few ActiveX controls are suitable for use in an MMC console, making this option useful mostly to developers . This snap-in allows you to set role-based permissions for Authorization Manager enabled programs . (These programs rely on a security architecture introduced with Windows 2003 Server, but is also available for Windows 2000 and Windows XP . Such programs rely on the .NET Framework .) Using this snap-in, you can view currently installed security certificates for the current user, a service account, or a computer . This snap-in, also primarily intended for developers, allows you to view and manage settings for programs that use COM+ and DCOM to communicate with the operating system and with each other .
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4. Klaus has informed you that his network administrators have unsuccessfully attempted to deploy a test secondary DNS server in one of the branch offices. He says the administrators specified the correct IP address of a primary DNS server running Windows Server 2003 in the Lucerne office, yet the secondary server was unable to transfer data from the primary zone. Given that this test network was successfully deployed on Windows 2000 a few years ago, what is the most likely cause of the problem
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Connection and Basic FTP Actions
You have a chessboard with two missing corners, as Figure A-4 shows.
Disk Management
The modifiers applicable to methods depend on the context of their declaration. Table 5-15 summarizes the available modifiers for each context.
You should perform server-side validation if what the user can do next depends on the data she entered in the previous step. This means that in most cases you just need to write a NextButtonClick event handler:
E xErcIsE 1 Creating the AJAX Component
If you need to make additional disk space available on your system and you have no additional disks available, you can remove the mirror from a mirrored volume. When you remove a mirror, the data on one of the disks is untouched, but the other disk becomes unallocated space. Of course, you will have lost all redundancy and protection for the data, so you need to take steps to restore the mirror as soon as possible. Until then, you might want to modify your backup schedule for the remaining disk. To remove a mirror, complete the following steps:
Application Services
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