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People often ask whether all of the products Microsoft creates are developed in Redmond, Washington. The short answer is, most are, but not all. Microsoft was a global company well before moving into its Redmond headquarters in February 1986. In fact, Microsoft's first international office opened in Japan in 1979. In 1998, Microsoft was still very Redmondcentric with more than 90 percent of product development engineering happening on the main campus. Today Microsoft has sizable and rapidly growing development centers all across the United States and around the world. The largest U.S. sites are in California, North Dakota, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Texas, and Colorado. Internationally, the Microsoft development centers in China and India each employ more than 1,200 engineers. For the release of the new Windows Vista operating system, major components were developed in North America, Europe, and Asia. Future releases of the Windows operating system and Office system will have even larger international contributions. As shown in Figure 1-6, by 2004 the Redmond workforce had dropped from 90 percent of the total engineering workforce to just 81 percent of the total workforce.
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mented when you save them. The Disk Defragmenter process (Dfrgntfs.exe or Dfrgfat.exe, for disks in the NTFS and FAT32 formats, respectively) starts according to a schedule that you can adjust. To view the current settings, click the Disk Defragmenter shortcut (in the System Tools subfolder of the Accessories folder on the All Programs menu), or right-click any drive icon in the Computer window and click Defragment Now on the Tools tab. Figure 20-1 shows the simple Disk Defragmenter interface. The check box at the top of the dialog box allows you to enable or disable scheduled operation. The button at the bottom of the dialog box starts or stops manual defragmentation operation.
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Figure 13-3: Application session length data from CEIP. Table 13-1: Sample Data from Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) Open table as spreadsheet Time spent running Average Percentage of Active session Percentage of application in 24-hour Sessions minutes in total time (in seconds) time active period session Less than 5 minutes 6 30 minutes 31 60 minutes 1 hr 2 hrs 3 hrs 4 hrs 5 hrs 6 hrs 7 hrs 8 hrs and up 2,496,181 1,596,963 691,377 757,504 487,616 395,007 347,705 331,561 355,017 457,104 2,636,023 24% 15% 7% 7% 5% 4% 3% 3% 3% 4% 25% 17,811,873 8,572,986 4,997,432 6,957,789 5,645,785 5,514,112 5,593,810 6,135,420 7,785,188 12,357,653 68,692,969 18 45 90 150 210 270 330 390 450 960 31% 16% 10% 8% 7% 6% 6% 6% 6% 3%
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Next, we need to add a column of type GEOGRAPHY and convert the GEOMETRY data into valid GEOGRAPHY data . The function to create valid GEOGRAPHY data is part of the SQL Server Spatial Tools distribution in CodePlex and is named dbo.MakeValidGeographyFromGeometry() . It takes a single argument of type GEOMETRY:
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WITH BOMTC AS ( -- Return all first-level containment relationships SELECT assemblyid, partid FROM dbo.BOM WHERE assemblyid IS NOT NULL UNION ALL -- Return next-level containment relationships SELECT P.assemblyid, C.partid FROM BOMTC AS P JOIN dbo.BOM AS C ON C.assemblyid = P.partid ) -- Return distinct pairs that have -- transitive containment relationships SELECT DISTINCT assemblyid, partid FROM BOMTC;
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Figure 3-5. The components of the departments list So far, you ve only played a bit with the presentation and business tiers in 2. Now, when building the catalog, you ll finally meet the final tier and work further with the hatshop
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The FormsAuthentication Class
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Figure 3-32 The weight/height relationships in the findings of a study
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GetFrameworkPath Parameters
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machine TestSuite() : Config { construct test cases where strategy = "shorttests" for Model }
This chapter has presented a lot of information about several closely related technologies in Windows Server 2008. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is the new host-based firewall that tightly integrates with IPsec and NAP. You can use isolation rules in conjunction with NAP and IPsec to protect servers from potentially dangerous hosts on the network. The chapter also briefly discussed improvements in the Routing And Remote Access service, especially SSTP, which can simplify the management of VPNs for remote users. You can use all of these technologies to facilitate communication between network hosts while limiting the risk of miscreants compromising them.
In the Slide Design task pane, choose a new design for the PowerPoint presentation. In the final sample presentation, the design named Digital Dots.pot is used. On the Slide Master View toolbar, click Close Master View to see the changes that are applied to all the slides. You will notice that the first slide, Train the Interviewer, displays incorrectly. This is because this slide is based on the Title Master slide rather than the Slide Master itself. To correct the title slide, on the View menu, point to Master, and then click Slide Master. Select the Title Master slide, shown in Figure 10.2. The Title Master slide is displayed.
EXEC AddEmp @empid = 1, @empname = 'Emp1', @mgrid = NULL;
Core Facilities
The PrintTypeEnv target uses batching for the Type and Env metadata from the Server item list. In this case, the batches will be formed by unique combinations of Type and Env metadata. If you execute the command msbuild Batching10.proj /t:PrintTypeEnv the result would be what is shown in Figure 6-15.
Environment Variables
RegionManager Find adapter for control Create region
Table 5-6 summarizes the results based on the possible combination of answers to these questions.
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